Stephanie Santoro Rumored to be Latest Notch on Jon Gosselin's Bedpost

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A couple weeks ago, Jon Gosselin said he was single, "per se."

Translation: dude will totally ransack anything with breasts!

The father of eight's latest conquest may be his most impressive / galling / hilarious: reports have linked him with Stephanie Santoro, a cocktail waitress, aspiring model and, oh, his children's babysitter!

According to Radar Online, Santoro has told friends that Gosselin hired her to take care of his kids. But Jon and Stephanie spent Saturday night together at Legends, an establishment in Reading, Pennsylvania where Santoro occasionally works.

The pair left together around 3 a.m., a witness told Radar, only to end up back at the family residence, where Santoro spent the night in Jon’s apartment over the garage.

Seriously - there are photos!

Walk of Shame

Is the coast clear? Can we pretend that no paparazzi are around to capture our respective walks of shame?

Santoro is 23 years old. She has brown hair, brown eyes and writes on her biography that she'll pose nude.

Follow this article's jump to view shots from her modeling portfolio.

Stephanie Santoro Image

Tomorrow night, Kate Major will sit down and dish the dirt on her time spent with Jon. Will she be peeved that he's already moved on? Will you watch the interview?

Will this dating carousel ever end?

So many questions. So many random women for Jon Gosselin to sleep with.


Jon should put his kids first.However, he should sleep with as many young women as he can. Its fun, hurts nobody; and is good for his mental health.Just think of all the hell Kate put him through!


I looOOve how no one ever mentions these tabloid Sl*ts that are willing to sleep with Jon to be on a cover of a magazine calling them wh*res! Where are Hailey Glassmans parents they ought to be ashamed that they raised such a skank. This is a married man, he was with Kate for 10 years then he gets money and wh*res come out of the wood works. This stephanie has horse face and she looks like she has a stench down there. Jon is a disgusting fat slob of a man who needs to be with his children and not wh*ring around before he catches the HIV!


You 'gossip queens' are ridiculous. Maybe you should be more concerned with your own lover or non-lovelife. Nobody cares and if they (you) do....get a life!!!! If these sleezy camera snoopes wouldn't be camped out behind the bushes 24/7, you wouldn't know a thing; which is how it should be. Why is everyone upset with Jon anyway? If they were meant to be together, they would be. More than 50% of marriages in America fail. Do you hate all of them; or even yourselves? Stop male bashing when it's not desevered you "Opera's". And she won't be able to take him for everything for having a girlfriend. What about Kate's secret love life that's been quietly hushed-hushed.


For you people that claim to "know" steph are a bunch of crap. we have bin best friends for a longg time. She is not a "home wrecker" as you guys claim. So what she is working for the family. Its a job right? Why is everyone pointing out her life mistakes when you need to judge yourself before judging her on her life. She is a wonderful mother to vali. Yea she goes threw the typical single mother worries but that is HER life. If she wanted your opinion on it trust me she would have asked you. And as for getting girls boyfriends to leave them for her, thats a bunch of crap too. My boyfriend and i have bin around her plenty and never has she tried to screw our realationship up. She is the godmother of my child. Yea i trust her that much. So why dont you people get out of other peoples social lifes and live yours.


Jon is many girls does this make since they announced their separation??? To many thats for sure!!! Kate gets blamed because she was always bitching at him, I would be bitching at him too if he acted anything like he is now!!! I hope things start to smooth out for the kids sake....he needs to grow the hell up and soon!!!! Did you see how the twins reacted when they saw him wearing earrings??? What a jerk....trying to act like a player....He supposedly loved Kate so much they had to make babies thru science but now he just thinks about himself!!!! He should be ashamed of himself!!! GO KATE!!! Do what you need to do for your least you show that they come first!!!


I'm not surprised that bitch's face is so busted. John can never get a chick without a busted face.


You all are crazy. What a hot little muffin she is. I would love for her to babysit my kids... everyday!


oh my! surprise, surprise - this new 'lady friend/babysitter' has some other reputations as well - not just getting fired from a daycare! your wife is so much hotter, jon, toss this fish back in the sea. she isnt the kind of sitter youd want around your kids. and why would you hire a model and waitress to be a sitter - shouldn't you use a nanny service?


LOL!!! She wants to be a model? hahahahaha too funny! Steph stick to your day job turning tricks... lol I think that will be more lucrative for you. Jon, Your so icky!!!!! LOL!


If Kate didn't slam Jon every chance she got, he wouldn't be looking in another direction. She constantly is belittling him. Who wouldn't want someone who's accepting of you - good or bad times.
It's not ALL Jon's fault. It takes 2. Not agreeing with his new life style, but Kate has a way of making him feel like he's the child & not the husband. Every episode she knocks him. (What planet are you living on, Kate?!!) How about some respect for starters?

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