Source: John Edwards is Rielle Hunter's Baby Daddy

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John Edwards is the father of Rielle Hunter's child.

So says Fox and WRAL News in Raleigh, N.C. If you don't believe those news outlets, are you going to bet against the National Enquirer and Washington Post?

You may scoff. But the Enquirer, after all, was the source that broke the Rielle Hunter story in 2007 and 2008, and it has been right every step of the way.

Even the Washington Post says he's the daddy at this point, reporting Saturday that medical evidence shows Edwards fathered the baby he denies is his.

"Multiple sources confirm the bombshell development, and reveal that lawyers for the disgraced presidential candidate are privately hammering out child support payments with his former lover Rielle Hunter," says the Enquirer's report.

"John Edwards - who hotly denied he was the child's father when he publicly confessed his affair with Rielle on ABC's Nightline a year ago - has broken the news to his cancer-stricken wife Elizabeth Edwards, sources say."

Hopefully Motel 6 offers good monthly rates, John. Sources say Edwards will admit paternity soon in some public manner. That ought to be something.


John Edwards and Rielle Hunter are totally parents!

With his paternity over Frances Quinn Hunter all but established, the debate now shifts to whether anyone cares. John is already washed up politically, having cheated on his terminally ill wife and knocked up a weird videographer.

That's bad, even as political sex scandals go, so there was really no coming back from it for him, and most people assumed the kid was probably his anyway.

But Edwards is etching his legacy in the annals of the country's greatest hypocrites. He lied and denied the affair with Rielle Hunter. He then acknowledged it when he had no choice, but denied the kid was his. That was a lie too.

A lot of people believed in the guy and his "two Americas" message. Imagine the Democrats' plight if he had won Iowa in 2008 instead of finishing second.

Politicians, like the rest of us, are flawed human beings, and perhaps they should not be placed on a pedestal. But one has to wonder about the judgment and character involved in hooking up with a woman who is filming web videos for you.

And allegedly paying her hush money out of your campaign funds.

The cumulative effect is to chip away at public confidence in all elected officials, which is a shame. If Edwards wants to salvage an ounce of credibility, he should come clean about his relationship with Rielle Hunter and put this to rest.


What a horse faced ho. Hunter is a shank who father can be any inmate on weekend leave.


John Edwards is a sociopath with absolutely no conscience and remorse for his actions. I hope God grants Elizabeth Edwards relief from her cancer so she is here to raise their children instead of leaving them with John. Rielle Hunter is disgusting, too, and I feel soooo sorry for Frances, to have both Rielle and John as parents.


Yes mariyn, but why disown your child? He could simply had said [similar to Bill Clinton], "I did not have a child with that woman" Clinton didnt lie, he was trying to deceive the American public. He was obviously thinking of another woman when he made that statement. Edwards could have done likewise.


Is this America or English website??




He was hiding the affair and child from his wife and family which just happen to be while he was running for president.


That "shit bag"! Who man in his right frigging mind would disown his own child for a chance at being president of the United States.Is the job more important than owning your child. What an "asshole" he is.


So what.

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