Sherri Shepherd Debuts New Swimsuit Body!

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We know Sherri Shepherd abhors all that Cookie Monster represents.

Absurd as that is, we know she puts her money where her mouth is.

Fat Kirstie Alley Picture

After months of dieting and exercising, The View co-host fulfilled her promise to walk out on stage in a bathing suit on Thursday's episode.

Walking on stage to "I'm Every Woman," Shepherd, 42, proclaimed, "I feel really great. I just wanted to show people that you don't have to do anything crazy. You just have to make some choices and exercise and the weight will drop off."

Sherri Shepherd looks like a new woman.

Since May, Sherri Shepherd lost 5 inches from her waist and 10 inches overall. Barbara Walters said her View colleagues "were very proud" of Shepherd, who celebrated by indulging in ribs and M&Ms producer Bill Geddes brought her as a treat.

Dieting hadn't been easy, Shepherd, who had been eating "a lot of grilled chicken, a lot of salad, a lot of water," said, adding loudly that "I'm miserable!"

In terms of exercise, "I do a lot of stairs, a lot of planks, a lot of squats, a lot of treadmill, a lot of screaming - and I do this four times a week."


she look good in sexy


I love Sherri, I would drop on both knees for her. I loved her when she was plus size and my attraction has not changed


Pat, not all women are built the same. Sherri is top heavy. Some women are bottom heavy ie pear shaped. She is what is called a goblet shape. Heavier on top, slim on the bottom with great legs.


I think Sherri looks fantastic from the waist down but now she looks like a football player, slim and trim from the waist down but still huge from the waist up. What's up with the weird weight loss where you lost weight from your bottom half but not from your upper half? Weird. I think she looked more proportionate and symmetrical when she was heavy. She didn't look out of balance then. I hope she continues to lose weight so her top half catches up and looks as great as her bottom half! She'll be quite the looker then!


Whose idea was it for her to do this anyway? What is it supposed to demonstrate? Congratulations to her anyway for her self-improvement and weight loss. But it is about a healthy lifestyle, and she needs to find choices that she can keep. The end showed that she is going to go back to her old ways so she needs to find some choices that she can live with.

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