Shanna Moakler Fires Back at Carrie Prejean

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Earlier today, Carrie Prejean actually filed a lawsuit against Miss California pageant officials Keith Lewis and Shanna Moakler.

The attention-starved beauty queen claims this pair discriminated against her religion and caused extreme emotional distress.

Carrie Prejean at the Mic

In response, Moakler's attorney, Mel Avanzado, has issued a statement that comes to the same conclusion any sane person would arrive at: Prejean is an idiot.

"On Ms. Moakler's behalf, I can say unequivocally that Ms. Prejean's lawsuit is without merit.

"More importantly, as everyone who watched or read her public statements is well aware, Ms. Prejean's unfortunate and bigoted statements are responsible for any public humiliation or damages to her reputation that she has claimed to have suffered. Ms. Moakler strenuously denies that she did anything wrong and looks forward to proving that in a court of law."

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carrie has no feelings for the millions of people out there that are different from her and i would hate to have to know her as a person


No Steve, they're not. But, one could say they are narrow minded, biased, intolerant. Certainly a person is entitled to his/her opinion that someone, such as Carrie Prejean, who has publicly spoken out in such an asinine manner against same-sex marriage, is an idiot. Reading your comment I was tempted to refer to you as an idiot, but not knowing that would be awfully presumptious of me and unfair. I will say you are ignorant, or more to the point, ill informed. It was not 53% of all Californians; it was 53% of Californians who voted. Out of the roughly 13 million votes cast on Prop. 8, 7 million were in favor of, and with Californias population topping 38 million, those 7 million voters are hardly 53% of Californians. You should try to post an itelligent comment because if not you run the risk of someone calling you an idiot.


So, if a person believes in marriage only between a man and a woman, they are an idiot? Is that what you believe. I guess that means almost 53% of Californians are idiots, in your opinions. 70% of the rest of the country are idiots, too, right?
The only idiots I see are the ones who believe your detritus.