Selena Gomez Says Meeting Taylor Lautner was "The Best Thing Ever"

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Selena Gomez says she's single.

Totally, completely, 100% single.

But, when asked about Taylor Lautner in the latest issue of Seventeen, Gomez also says:

"Taylor has made me so happy. I didn't know I could be that happy. He's a great guy. But I'm 100 percent single, and I'm going keep it that way for a while."

In April, the pair of young stars were both in Vancouver shooting movies. They were spotted together, looking mighty cozy and friendly, on numerous occasions.

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Said Gomez of her time with the Twilight Saga hunk:

"I went to Vancouver thinking I was going to focus on my work, but instead I got to meet him, and it ended up being the best thing ever."

Hmmm... are you sure you're single, Selena? And if so, why?!?

You have seen Taylor Lautner shirtless, right? Get on that!

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hey u besuit.


i wish i was in selena's place lmao xDD


hi i think taylor lautner is so so so so HOT too :):)


i love taylor i hate selana biatch go to nick jonas biatch taylor lautner is the sexiest person on earth love you hate you selana would die if they went out.


I don't think you should start those rumors it makes them not want it to happen so we shouldn't just say things cause we think its truc but we should just keep our mouth shut till we know the right thing. That'd be the right thing to do.


if ur messing wth somee off the girls yu shouldnt !


Omg! i would love it if selena and taylar went out. It would be so awesome. They both look really good together to. if selena went out with talar she would be sooo lucky. Talar lautner is soooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i hate selena gomez. but talor lautner is the sexiest person on earth. i would die if they went out. selena's a ****** *****. she should just go back to nick jonas taylor swift should go back to joe jonas. and those girls should stay there. then miley cyrus should well..... idc about her.


i like very much selena but i think that taylor lautner is not god for her. she is number oneee


They would be an awesome couple!!