Screeched: "Uncomfortable" Saved By the Bell Cast Bans Dustin Diamond From Reunion

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The Saved by the Bell gang's all here! Almost!

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    Some of the things he claims about other cast members times dont add up just sayin...and hes a creep picking up chicks at disneyland were they even of age speaking of claiming mario lopez raped a girl and tiffani would go from room to room having sexual relations and mark being bisexual and having an incounter with i think a producer or something ans tiffani ....truly i doubt half the things he stated were true. Just sayin n im allowed an oppinion.


    first off im currently 14 and its 2012. i really like this show! i found it on netflix :P - Diamond sure as heck messed up(on a lotta things >^


    Okay first off Dustin diamond is my idol because I too was a geek/nerd thru middle and high school I now am now on with my life I may be doing better than he but I feel bad for him because all his life he was always treated like a victim being bullied and things so that has toughened him up so the only way he thought for him to rebel against this was to be an ass and seem to be better than everyone else and he has way more Fu**ing talent than you do


    Poor guy.


    wow.. thats all i can say.. and he is an @ss.. for sure.. talking about how he can have that show shut down in a heart beat. because he is a jew.. or some bull crap like that.. he is weird.. and is the biggest loser i have ever seen.. andnot to mention ugly as a dogs butt! soo.. he should def. get over himself.. and move out of the US.. and try mexico or some were like that.. he seems like he would be better off there.. ohh but dont try acting.. u suck at it.. GET over yourself.. your a nobody as well.


    Oh, you're so beautiful
    Let me see you...
    Have you ever had a Dirty sanchez?


    I agree with Marques. Dustin Diamond is a complete jerk! Just because he was one of the cast does not mean he earns a right to be at the reunion. He has treated everyone like dirt. I can't understand why they kept him on the show to start with. He was a little jerk then and a big jerk now. If someone acted like that to you at your home would you invite them back?


    A shame. They are all grown up now. Time to act grown up. People do stupid things. Get over it. Forgive him. like it or not Dustin was a cast member and should be included.


    The way he acted when he was on Celebrity Fit Club truly showed how much of an @$$ he acted! Calling Kimberly Locke a loser, other stupid bull-$#%* antics, and starting a fight with Harvey (of all people!)

    Look at who's the loser now!

    And he's barred from the Reunion? Well there's an old saying: "you act like an @$$, you end up treated like an @$$!"


    WOW! I am trying very hard to be "bothered" by Diamonds banning from the new show. But, I cannot seem to muster any "I give-a-hoot."
    The guy was a loser and dork when he was on the original show. His acting abilities were sub-par with the rest of the cast. THAT IS WHY HIS CAREER FAILED! No talent = No future.
    A Perv? Oh yeah. Psychotic? Without a doubt. Talented? Where?
    Screech/Diamond, get some help. You may still be able to salvage some sort of life....After the bell.......

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