Ryan Jenkins Still at Large in Canada; Megan Hauserman "Devastated" By Events

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The accused murderer of Jasmine Fiore, Ryan Jenkins, remains on the run from the law and was described as "cool, calm and collected" by someone who saw him (and had no idea he was a fugitive) the night he escaped to Canada.

According to TMZ, Ryan Alexander Jenkins docked his boat in Whatcom County, Wash., before a short walk to the Canadian border. He spoke with a man who had no clue Jenkins was on the run, and later said he showed "no sign of remorse."

Police believer Jenkins murdered wife Jasmine Fiore two Fridays ago in Orange County, Calif. Her dismembered body was found in a suitcase in a dumpster.

Unfortunately, reports of his arrest late Friday night were premature and false.

Law enforcement sources say they have a "reason to believe" Jenkins' parents have been helping him in Canada. A source says he enlisted their help before anyone knew that Jasmine Fiore was killed ... but they may still be aiding him.

The parents are divorced, live in separate cities in Canada and are believed to have "tremendous" financial means. Ryan Jenkins himself was a millionaire real estate developer, having recently competed on VH1's Megan Wants a Millionaire.

Megan Hauserman, Playboy

Speaking of that show, it was abruptly yanked off the air in light of Ryan being wanted for murder. He married Jasmine Fiore in March, having met her just days after his dismissal by its leading lady, Megan Hauserman (above).

The news of the last week has left Megan Hauserman reeling.

"Megan is devastated," a close friend says of the reality star. "She got to know Ryan through her show, and she is shocked and saddened by the week's events."

Jenkins was a finalist on Megan Wants a Millionaire, a VH1 reality series with the goal of pairing the "aspiring trophy wife" with a millionaire, airing this summer.

"Right now she is taking comfort in her friends and keeping a close eye on news as this story unfolds," the friend of Megan Hauserman told People magazine.

We may never know who wins after police allege that Jenkins brutally murdered model Jasmine Fiore, strangling her, cutting off her fingers and pulling out her teeth, leaving her remains to be identified by breast implant serial numbers.


Ryan says on the show he had to be married to live and work in this country... Probably why he married this girl in 2 days and murdered and probably why he was trying to marry Megan... For the green card! He got himself into quite a mess


This story is so crazy!! I saw the 1st ep of this show, and everyone seemed content (for a VH1 reality show anyway)...since it was the 1st ep, I didn't pay TOO much attention to the contestants (I remember Donald "The Movie Producer" & Al "Spill wine on shirt" the most, plus the guys who got into it over the piggy bank). I don't remember Ryan too well (I guess now I'm kinda sorry I didn't pay more attention...) Glad that Megan didn't pick him; no matter her reputation or portrayal in the media, I'm just glad she's not dead. **RIP to Jasmine Fiore; condolences to the family** ::A real man stands up for his & doesn't kill himself when the "going gets tough". Hope his millions are donated to charity for abuse against women, as the family was helping him escape and probably do not deserve his fortune, or goes to the victim's family::


So i guess its no more mwam


@ b-minus...Ryan was a finalist on MWAM, so it's not like they can edit him out. He was also the winner of ILM3. Go figure.


it's a horrible situation. he seemed like such a cool guy. out of all of them you would think that fat donald character would be the murdering creep. whouda thunk? so.. what's up with the show? anyone know? i, for one, wanted to see the conclusion of MWAM.. and i love $. that asshole ruined it for everyone.


Yo,wake up THG. dude is dead...


They gave this slut a show? Did they ever consider maybe these men they rounded up might not want to marry a slutty woman who poses nearly naked?


yeah, i was just going to say....the guy's committed suicide already, in a motel near vancouver. Update your site people.


Hollywood Gossip, you're so busy publishing porny photos that you're not following the news. Ryan's been found dead in Canada.

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