Ryan Alexander Jenkins Escapes to Canada!

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After a massive manhunt apparently failed to snare their suspect, sheriff's deputies in Washington State now believe Ryan Alexander Jenkins escaped to Canada.

Police in California wanted to talk to him about the grisly death of his wife, Jasmine Fiore, whose body was found in a suitcase in Orange County last Saturday.

Local authorities and U.S. Customs say Ryan Jenkins is now being called a "potential suspect" in the killing of Jasmine Fiore, but they think he fled the country.

The Whatcom County (Wash.) Sheriff's Dept., just over the border, says:

  • Yesterday evening, a witness reported seeing someone matching Ryan Jenkins' description driving a black BMW SUV (he owned one of those), with a boat, in a marina that is extremely close to the U.S.-Canada border.
  • A short time later, deputies found the boat and the SUV abandoned, sparking a massive manhunt for Jenkins by land, sea, and air. Police were unable to find Jenkins and think he made a run for the border - literally.
Ryan Alexander Jenkins Photo

If you see Ryan Jenkins, let local authorities know where.

Canada will not extradite someone charged with a death penalty offense in the U.S. If Jenkins is charged with a non-capital crime, he could be extradited.

TMZ also reports that Jenkins has ties to an island off Honduras, where his dad, Dan, developed a resort. Honduras provides extradition, but only to the suspect's native country - which, from everything we know of Ryan Jenkins, is Canada.

Meanwhile, an emotional email written by Ryan Alexander Jenkins to Jasmine Fiore less than three weeks before she was murdered has surfaced online.

Jenkins was charged with battery in June for allegedly assaulting his wife, who he married on March 18. The email sheds light on some of their issues.

Follow the jump to read his email to Jasmine Fiore ...

Jasmine My Love,

I want you to know how much I love you, I want the world to know too and in a few months they will. I don't have any interest in any women Jasmine, your the only one I want. If you can come back to me and stop all the craziness we can have a wonderful life. Respect our love and it will grow. Trust me and I'll be strong for both of us. Honor me and receive what you need from me. These things you want are all attainable with me but you have to want it too.

I can't want it for you. Let what lonely part of your heart thats still pure recieve what I have to give you. Let me into your inner circle again. Let me truely love you and don't fear the worst of even think on it because you've manifested so much negativity in us. I've grown, I've forgiven I've risen above all of our problems and I want you to do the same so I can help you. Helping you brings me happiness because when your happy you give me all I ever wanted.

I promise I will always have your back from here on out. I will always be honest with you and I will honor you and our love. Your forgiveness, trust and loyalty is all I need right now and when your love for me grows and our lives are heading in the right direction I'll truely feel complete.

It was really great to talk last night with you. I miss you so much. I can't wait to see you again. I know you have a hard time trusting people. I know we can be happy if you can just get back to where you were, we need to respect each other and we need to rebuild the trust. I think we really need to talk to someone because as much as I know about behavioral science, I can only help so much.

I know you have a huge problem letting go of things. I wish you could understand what you mean to me and treat me like I deserve. Just a little time together is all we need and I know you and I could fall back in love.

I came into all this assuming you'd just treat me the way I wanted without ever having to explain what I needed. This time, I won't be so vague.

Your my angel, despite what we've done to each other, I know we're perfect for each other. It just takes two of us trying at the same time instead of one at a time.

I will take care of you the rest of your life. With all honesty. I will never leave you. I only want you.

I'll see you later today baby.

Love always,


It doesn't matter about him being charged. In the us considering he killed himself in a canadian hotel


News flash on Canadian news: Ryan Jenkins found dead in Hope B.C.--suicide 9pm Sunday 23Aug09


Derek...You need to get out of your coma, you moron.


Ok people like lets get real here first of all in canada you are innocent til proven guilty and a lot of times in the great U S OF A it's the other way around kinda backwards as usual but as was said before like O J Simpson a hero in the U S walked away from it maybe he was innocent maybe he wasn't the same goes for Ryan as for him fleeing yes he may have but that doesn't prove he's guilty as we all know he would have been strung out to dry in the U S before having a chance to do anything.If found guilty a fair punishment send him to Afghanistan and put him on the front line which should be done with a lot of people lol


Women LOVE good looking studly man like this dude. Oh not to mention he's RICH RICH RICH! It will be just a few days before he finds himself another woman.


Are you Jasmine's pimp? TO: what am due Says: August 21st, 2009 2:44 PM NIGGA, Ryan you stupid mother fucker run for your life cuz once ur caught u's done boi. YOU STUPID MORON. you should be rewarded death penalty.... Flee to canada ? nigga u stupid? we's find you and snitch you out who u dealing with


Jasmine looks like a trollup. Act like ho you're going to get treated like one. What woman in her right mind would marry I guy within weeks of meeting a guy at a casino. Clueless. WTF.


If you catch someone and you put them to death you are doing them a favor. What would you rather do sit in a cage for 40 years? Because people can't kill themselves.


I'm simpl amazed at the comments. This guy mutilated this young lady to the point where they had to identify her body via breast implants. Canada is wrong for that bullshit. Extradite him here so he can get what he deserves. Since they don't want him to recieve the death penalty fine. Someone should pull his fingernails off his hands everytime they grow back and if he is lucky enough he'll bleed out one day. Yeah innocent to proven guilty but he damn sure looks pretty suspicious. There is no way in west hell he should not face the death penalty if he is in fact the murderer. Plus she wasn't on the reality show he was and no matter how money hungry she was she did not deserve this fate.


One sick dude, it's a shame he probably made it to the border.
His email is dwelled in narcism. Yeah talk is cheap and the road to hell is paved with words like that, now she's dead.
Mind blowing, literally, is the best answer for him.

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