Did Lady Gaga Shoplift Her Style?

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Lady Gaga's wild fashion sense is one of a kind.

At least it was, back when Roisin Murphy invented it.

Minka Kelly Emmys Dress

Or so the Irish electro-pop ice-maiden claims, sparking perhaps the biggest music Twitter feud of the past day. Did Lady Gaga steal her off-the-wall style?

Yes she did, according to Roisin Murphy, 36, who told Irish Central that one of the hottest names in pop today is just a knockoff, and a poor one at that:

"Lady Gaga is just a poor imitation of me. She has copied my style."

Is she just jealous of the newcomer's fame or does Murphy have a point? A look at these Lady Gaga pictures compared with hers sheds some light on that:

Does Lady Gaga (top montage) take visual cues from Roisin Murphy?

Okay, so the Irish singer makes a point. But on the flip side, maybe she should just get over it. What musician doesn't emulate their predecessors in some form?

The Beatles, Elvis, The Clash, Bruce Springsteen and others have inspired artists far and wide. Michael Jackson has been ripped off by pretty much everyone.

We say let Lady G be.

As long as her songs keep climbing the charts, Perez Hilton wants to be her, magazines want to show Lady Gaga nude, and random fans want to dissect concert videos to start rumors that she's a hermaphrodite, then more power to her.


just so you kno. I can google pretty much anything and find similarities. and you who was dissin lady gaga cause u have a stalkerish one sided love for this ros-not my problem person why don't you just go be old or something like that? aww yall can be twinsies wrinkles and all :D! neways go watch anything else of lady gaga its kinda sad only four pictures r showing her stolen attire if she really is such a theif copycat wannabe then shouldn't more of her stuff mimic ros-im fat? hmmm~ and just so u kno its not like ros-cool kid started the that type of music either ;P


yeah as long as lady gaga is making money who cares if she stole her music and style is basically what this article said. Hollywood is all about the benjamins...no one cares if your tlented or have the heart as long as your making someone money they could give a care less about originality.
Lady Gaga is good....but i bet the person she stole her image and music from can do it alot better.


lol nina is right it doesnt look like LC


clearly everyone who has posted a comment was born past the year 1995. Roisin was part of the hugely successful moloko, who when they performed completely shat on anything the lady gaga did. Lady gaga looks like that annoying wog that you went to school with, and speaks like she is gargling marbles. Her music Sucks! and she can't dance! It's just funny how quickly she will pay homage to other artists and has never mentioned roisin. Roisin is the coolest person on the planet!


the difference is lady gaga looks good


roisin said that lady gaga met her one year before gaga became famous... then gaga suddenly appeared, became famous wearing roisin's style... that's what roisin said...


or MAYBE roisin stole lady gaga's style. anyw=one consider that point?


this is off topic.but has anyone realized that in the third pic(the one with the big hair) Roisin Murphy looks alot like lauren conrad? i mean alot!


This is retarded news. EVERYONE takes ideas from other artists. It's a fact. Lady Gaga just manipulated them so they looked better, that's all. Roisin Murphy is just pissed cuz she's not as famous as Lady Gaga right now and her looks are better. Besides, who is Roisin Murphy?? Hmm? Never heard of her! How IRONIC


it's hardly stealing her style, you could find lots of pictures of singers in suits with mirrors or with big hair.

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