Did Lady Gaga Shoplift Her Style?

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Lady Gaga's wild fashion sense is one of a kind.

At least it was, back when Roisin Murphy invented it.

Minka Kelly Emmys Dress

Or so the Irish electro-pop ice-maiden claims, sparking perhaps the biggest music Twitter feud of the past day. Did Lady Gaga steal her off-the-wall style?

Yes she did, according to Roisin Murphy, 36, who told Irish Central that one of the hottest names in pop today is just a knockoff, and a poor one at that:

"Lady Gaga is just a poor imitation of me. She has copied my style."

Is she just jealous of the newcomer's fame or does Murphy have a point? A look at these Lady Gaga pictures compared with hers sheds some light on that:

Does Lady Gaga (top montage) take visual cues from Roisin Murphy?

Okay, so the Irish singer makes a point. But on the flip side, maybe she should just get over it. What musician doesn't emulate their predecessors in some form?

The Beatles, Elvis, The Clash, Bruce Springsteen and others have inspired artists far and wide. Michael Jackson has been ripped off by pretty much everyone.

We say let Lady G be.

As long as her songs keep climbing the charts, Perez Hilton wants to be her, magazines want to show Lady Gaga nude, and random fans want to dissect concert videos to start rumors that she's a hermaphrodite, then more power to her.


who the fuck is Roisin Murphy pshh enuff said


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Lady gaga is ugly omg ewww discusting to look at she has that face that looks like a druged up man she loves the gay people in all of her video's she has gay back up dancers and shit she even dedicated an award to them at the vma awards and the only reason she is still around is because of the gay people a lot of them voted for her cause she's supports them she's a fucking bisexual for crying out loud and her birth name is a man's name so wtf is that about she's definately copying other celebrity styles whoever says she's not your morons cause there was others way before her she never wears any fucking pants always looking like a slut but when somebody like britney spears dresses like that she gets bashed on who the hell cares about lady gaga she steals her style from other stars and everyone thinks she's original ummm not seeing it what's next she's gonna start dressing like the undertaker from wwe smackdown and shit come on


Okey ladl gaga u are such a bitch i dnt knw wat @ say about tht Ohhh.plz stop


Umm... who really cares?
I mean honestly... What's the point of reporting this??
Well I'm glad that someone has shared this life changing information with me.


There have actually been MANY people before Lady Gaga with that type of style. especially on runways. It's called High Fashion Coutoure. (or however the hell it's spelt.) and how often have you actually heard of other singers from other countries, unless you have half a brain to look. Most of the people that like 'Lady' Gaga listen to whatever the hell the radio tells them is 'hot'. Way to go morons.


THANKYOU!!!!! Could not have said it better myself


Lady Gaga is robbing the Electro scene of their style and music, Lady Gaga only became Electro because it was what was getting really popular when she was making her album, She's just a well connected rich girl,Her music was completely different and absolute crap before she worked with Redone. Her label took her and made her famous by pumping a bunch of money and publicity into what was popular in the club scene and becoming mainstream. It kills me that she's getting credit for being original. The only reason she's popular is cus she's a total prostitute,lol


in addition to butchering the queen's language, your generation has appalling taste in music. It's not that it's similarities, it is straight up copying. And why does everyone like lady gaga anyway? why don't you kids get all excited over kate bush, or tori amos for that matter, lady gaga looks like la bouffana anyway. suck it kids.


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