Did Lady Gaga Shoplift Her Style?

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Lady Gaga's wild fashion sense is one of a kind.

At least it was, back when Roisin Murphy invented it.

Minka Kelly Emmys Dress

Or so the Irish electro-pop ice-maiden claims, sparking perhaps the biggest music Twitter feud of the past day. Did Lady Gaga steal her off-the-wall style?

Yes she did, according to Roisin Murphy, 36, who told Irish Central that one of the hottest names in pop today is just a knockoff, and a poor one at that:

"Lady Gaga is just a poor imitation of me. She has copied my style."

Is she just jealous of the newcomer's fame or does Murphy have a point? A look at these Lady Gaga pictures compared with hers sheds some light on that:

Does Lady Gaga (top montage) take visual cues from Roisin Murphy?

Okay, so the Irish singer makes a point. But on the flip side, maybe she should just get over it. What musician doesn't emulate their predecessors in some form?

The Beatles, Elvis, The Clash, Bruce Springsteen and others have inspired artists far and wide. Michael Jackson has been ripped off by pretty much everyone.

We say let Lady G be.

As long as her songs keep climbing the charts, Perez Hilton wants to be her, magazines want to show Lady Gaga nude, and random fans want to dissect concert videos to start rumors that she's a hermaphrodite, then more power to her.


obviously her fashion is inspired by what everyone else is wearing right now, has worn, and will wear. that is all fashion, and everyone who wears clothing does this. if you see something you like, you emulate it, or straight up copy it. it doesnt mean shit, come on. there are a billion people on this planet? there is no such thing as being unique with your clothing. someones already done it, or theyre doing it as you speak.


hey do u have any idea which video was it that lady gaga imitated james st james ?




well i think theyre BOTH amazing, with or without the style.


She is such a fuckin rip off you can't just say she didn't rip it off cause you like her. AND SHE'S NOT FUCKING TALENTED... IT'S CALLED FUCKING AUTO TUNE YAH DUMB CUNTS


she's just jealous because she's clearly not as talented as Gaga. just another fake bitch who can't understand the world of FASHION. she' didn't invent big hair and the clotehs she wears. IT's the DESIGNERS. get over yourself honey, you're a fucking nobody. buh-bye.


I do think Lady Gaga did borrow a few ideas from Roisin or at least her woredrobe person did. Who cares both great artist. Have followed and loved Roisin music for years. Hope to follow Lady Gaga's for a while. People who think its a jelously whatever. As far as who is Roisin someone who doesn't sellout I suppose and has a more underground following then the mainstream.


If you put all bias aside toward any artist that may feel that they got things stolen as well as any bias toward Lady Gaga, you can put it into perspective. On the one hand, they are just outfits. On the other hand, it did come from somewhere else. Everything does. It seems that Lady Gaga has made quite a name for herself by taking things from other sources and making them her own. The question for me is, is it really her own? Is she really original, is this authentic or is she playing dressup? With that said, if everything's been done before, there really is no harm, but if her motive is to saturate the market and absorb everything that other artists built for themselves, that is wrong in my opinion. We really don't know what her motive is. Since I'm neither Lady Gaga or Roisin, I don't know what this feels like so I can't judge. I'm also NOT going to raise someone on a pedestal for 'outdoing' someone that did it before. It's just doesn't sit right with me.


i just love teenagers all about "never heard of it, so it sucks". Well, never heard of you guys, so you must be the shit of the shit, right? by the way, by reading a few other texts about this, I think they changed "a little" what Roisin said. It seems she just made a joke about the shoulderpad (something like "she didn't wear those back then! she stole my shoulderpads!") thing and kaboom, Roisin hates GaGa. Actually, Roisin declared she likes GaGa and likes Fame Monster album.


WTF i just watched her new video.. she has two outfits the club kids worn, well more specific james st james has worn. early in the 90's. thank the gays pfff more like thank the club kids. and if you dont know what that is maybe watch party monster... or google micheal alig and the club kids... and see how her style is a total rip off. i bet u even her stylist copied the club kids.

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