Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Caught (Almost Kissing) on Camera!!!!

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Forget tabloid reports, anonymous sources and cryptic remarks from co-stars.

For the first time in the rumored courtship between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, fans can glimpse this likely couple themselves and determine at just what stage their relationship is at.

On Saturday night, Rob and Kristen joined their Eclipse castmates at a Kings of Leon concert in Canada.

While the music rocked and the audience around them cheered, Pattinson and Stewart either leaned in closely for a conversation - or for an intense game of tonsil hockey!

Which do you think it was? An innocent discussion between friends? Or a precursor to first base and a passion-filled evening between lovers?

Almost First Base

Kristen Stewart is either totally taken with Robert Pattinson, or committed to practicing a scene from Breaking Dawn. [Photo:]

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I don't think there holding hands for his arm isn't over her like in that way it's his hand and there more than likely just talking. you can't belive the tabloids. plus what ever happened to michael that she has been with forever


I'm tired of these two. Face it they are together better find some oher couple to show... maybe a new girlfriend for Taylor Lautner..


Yes, they do look very very cute.


Noooooooooooo! It can't be. I am so heart broken. I have been defending them for a long time saying the tabloids were wrong but yesterday a friend of theirs confirmed the romance and said they were going to to live together in LA after they finish filming in October. I cried myself to sleep last night because I feel that it is true. They are seeing each other. Brace yourselves fans. Barce yourselves for heart ache. OUCH it hurts. Boo Hoo


This is too funny. The Hollywood Gossip is actually Tiger Beat in (thin) disguise.


If you look at ALL of the photos from that evening, there were two taken of them kissing. And you can clearly tell Rob is holding K's hand in the photo above. They're together.


Couldn't the photographer had taken another photo of them actually kissing? Considering this photo was the mere build-up to the kiss. The fact that you can't provide an actual photo of the kiss, leads me to believe they are just talking.


They're at a concert n it's loud so maybe that's why they have to leaned closely to each other to have a conversation. By the look on Rob's face, Kristen was tellin him something funny. No proof that they're actually kissing!! But I do say that on most of the pics of them at the concert, they both sat closely to each other while the other cast members sat behind them or kept a distance...Hmmm...maybe to give em privacy???...

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