Rick Pitino Knocked Up Karen Sypher, Paid For Abortion, Denies Rape, Claims Extortion

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Louisville University basketball coach Rick Pitino told law enforcement he had sex with, and paid for an abortion for, a woman named Karen Sypher.

Pitino is not charged with any crime as a result. On the contrary, he came forward to accuse Sypher of attempting to extort $10 million from him.

The Louisville Courier-Journal reports Pitino admits he was drinking and had sex with Karen Sypher in 2003, and gave her $3,000 for an abortion.

Only a month ago, Sypher filed a report alleging the 2003 rape, but Pitino’s attorney said, “Karen Sypher is indicted for extortion. The commonwealth’s attorney has said [Sypher] is void of any credibility on these 6-year-old allegations.”

Sypher only made the rape allegations after being indicted. Prosecutors who have reviewed Sypher's claims say Pitino, 56, won't be charged.

Rick Pitino

Karen Sypher is married to the Louisville basketball team’s equipment manager, Tim Sypher, however the estranged couple has recently filed for divorce.

According to ABC News, Tim Sypher worked as Pitino’s personal assistant with the Boston Celtics from 1997-2001, and followed him to Louisville in 2001.

The criminal complaint filed in the case claims Tim Sypher gave Pitino a list of written demands from his wife, which included college tuition for her kids, money to pay off their house, two cars, and $3,000 ... later increasing to $10 million.

Karen Sypher pleaded not guilty to the charges of attempting to extort $10 million from Rick Pitino, who has been married to his wife Joanne for 30 years.

Sypher, 49, a blond stunner who used to model, met Pitino in a restaurant on August 1, 2003. He claimed Sypher walked up to him early in the evening and asked if he would call one of her sons, which Pitino said he did.

Rick Pitino said that Sypher left and returned about closing time. After the restaurant closed, Sypher "started coming on to him and that they had sex."

Rape allegations surfaced much later, but police found several descrepencies and no evidence that anything other than a consensual encounter occurred.


I'm currently living in Louisville Ky but not a fan of Rick Pitino. In my opinion its none of my concern who he screws in his personal life, his actions are not strange or different , this happens everyday. Many people have cheated on their spouses without any consequinses at all. Sometime there mite be a price to pay but not to the public its to there spouse. We as private citizens can eliminate him from contention for our father of the year award.


I thought you might be interested to know that Allison Skott, creator of Oops.....I'm Sorry (www.oopsimsorry.com) is also calling out the famed basketball coach! Allison posted the bit in her "Who's Sorry Now" forum on her site and even offers "The Podium" as an outlet for celebrities to apologize to the masses. We're waiting Slick Rick! Check out the site http://www.oopsimsorry.com/


Another one bites the dust. Another man, in a LONG line of men, who just cannot abide by their marriage vows. They just have to "be sure" they are still attractive to the females. They go through their "mid-life crisis"...you can always see it coming. They do one or all of these...Go to the gym and work out; diet; color their hair; want to buy a sports car/cycle; begin spending time 'with the boys' and a litany of other things. Apparently, according to a close male friend of mine, men are really not meant to be monogamos (sp.?). They feel they must "spread their seed" across the land to any female that will accept them. This makes them 'real men.' Yeah, right. Just another excuse to sleaze around. Let's face it....men are, as a whole, pigs. Hate to say it, but by-and-large, it's true. Shame...just a shame. Hate to think that Pitino's wife has to endure this.


When are men gonna learn to keep it in their pants and they won't have these problems. Drinking is no excuse for what happened. The truth is he cheated on his wife of 30 years and there's no excuse for that. He'll get no sympathy from me. And of course it's the woman's fault for "coming on" to him. Can't he just say NO!!!

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