Report: Kristen Stewart to Purchase "Love Nest" for Herself and Robert Pattinson

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While the housing market inches toward recovery, Kristen Stewart is reportedly doing the best she can to jumpstart new home sales.

A source told The National Enquirer that Stewart is searching for a new residence. But not just any new residence!

"Kristen wants a super-romantic place to share with Rob in Los Angeles," said the insider.

And why shouldn't she? The latest round of reports regarding these co-stars pretty much confirm that they are dating happily.

Friendly Co-Workers

The West Hollywood pad Kristen allegedly has her eye on is a three-bedroom estate, replete with a pool, hot tub (ooohhh yeah!) and several fireplaces.

"She’s been calling it their ‘future love nest,'" the source added.

"Kristen showed Rob the photos and he thought it was perfect. Even though Kristen is buying it, she wants Rob to be happy with it, too."

Awww, that's sweet. Let's just hope rumors of Taylor Lautner coming between this couple are false - and that Stewart avoids risky adjustable-rate mortgages!


Please. Somehow Kristen strikes me as the type of girl who would rather shove icepicks up under her fingernails than utter the phrase "Love nest" and actually be serious.


this story is false ... but I wish it were true they are such a cute couple .. go robsten !!!!!


When will you stop putting Taylor between those 2? Taylor Lautner has nothing to do with them, besides they are colleagues and friends, there is no Taylor and Kristen as couple.
Stop to mess with the kid, a damn 17 years old boy, who can care less about Krist and Rob dating. Damn I miss Selena rumours, at least those look perfect to each other.


awwwww thats soo cute :P they make the perfect couple. i really hope itll be a happy ending for these 2. young love can last :) xx

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