Report: Kate Gosselin Displeased with Jon

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Shocking, we know. Who would have guessed?

Kate Gosselin's divorce from husband Jon is getting uglier as she's set to use shocking videos and photos to keep the couple's fortune. Oh, and children.

Sources say Kate has grown increasingly appalled at Jon's new romances - and wants the kids "nowhere near the kind of women Jon chooses to date."

Kate is rolling out the heavy ammo, which includes video of Jon and Hailey Glassman on a secret date in May, as well as photos and videos of Hailey using drugs and getting drunk. Not that those are in short supply by any means.

Moreover, the soon-to-be ex-Mrs. Gosselin is also ready to unleash accounts of Jon and his other new girlfriend, former Star reporter Kate Major, whose wild lifestyle gives Hailey's past some competition. Which is saying something.

At stake for Jon? Custody, and fortune estimated up to $10 million.

Kate Gosselin simply cannot believe Jon's recent antics.

"Kate feels Jon is acting like a college frat boy, making horrible choices, and she is on a mission to take every dime - and the kids," revealed an insider.

Jon and Kate get a reported paycheck of up to $75,000 for each TV episode - around $1.7 million a year. They also pull in $20,000 per speaking engagement and make at least 25 appearances a year - for another $500,000 big ones.

Kate's book Multiple Blessings is a huge success, and her contract with her publisher for her new book, 8 Little Faces, will bring in $4-8 million this year.

Jon and Kate Plus 8 returns tonight, providing a glimpse into their lives since they separated and Jon began nailing mediocre girls 12 seconds later.

Who sucks more?


I say all the more power to Kate!! I live by "Do what you have to do to take care of and protect your kids". It doesn't matter if she was somewhat overbearing towards Jon, Kate takes care of her family. He should just be a MAN and take care of his family the way a man should!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kate is getting hammered for her hairstyle. Hey PEOPLE have any of you looked in the mirror....THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT! Kate is beautiful! She needs no approval rating from others. I for one LOVE her hairstyle, it suites her. Many woman are asking for the "KATE GOSSELIN HAIR CUT" folks it can't be that bad. Guess you guy have nothing concrete to complain about so you pick on her "hair"...give the woman a break.


I believe Kate is doing the right thing by caring and giving love and support her children need. It is hard to be married to a person who cannot make any sort of decision on their own. Jon is just a LITTLE BOY seeking attention anyway he can. Kate can do sooo much better than Jon. Kate needs a REAL MAN not a LITTLE BOY.

Avatar are doing the right thing for your children....keeping a low profile and showing your children the love and support they need. Your soon to be ex is showing is immature behavior by cavorting with his latest "bimbo!" We are all tired of his statements that he is misunderstood. You were right in kicking out this loser!


I agree that Kate may have been a little over bearing however, with a household as large as it is there is a need to keep things organized. Kate is probaly in survival mode doing what she must to make ensure her babies are provided for. That is what any real Mom would do. As for Jon he doing what a man does, let the woman figure it out. I am a married mother of four. There is really no difference in the mothers role whether you are on television or not you get your hustle on for your kids and never let the kids see you sweat. My Mom did it, I'm doing it!


I support Kate in this new life adventure 100% - although she may have been a little harsh in some of the early episodes, she is a mother to 9 (that includes Jon as men are just bigger children!). I hope that one day she is able to find happiness again after all is said and done!


i have not seen anyone mention the fact that Jon made a HUGE deal about not wanting to be in front of the cameras and wanting to have a private life and then, shockingly (sarcasm of course), the moment divorce papers are filed he is gallivanting (his multiple girl friends) in front of the cameras and eating up his fame with a golden spoon. he IS acting like a college frat boy and i find it insanely pathetic. he shirked his responsibilities before and will just continue to do so.


When all the dust settles, it will be apparent that Jon has been "chomping at the bit" for a long time and Kate was trying to deal with his discontent. Her sniping at him is typical of that kind of stress in any marriage and should not be used against her. He "performed" for the cameras, but we do not know what it was really like when the crew was not there. It's the mother who bears most of the burden in caring for the kids (willingly, of course) and not the father. He is a product of his Korean culture which reveres the male child and looks the other way at indiscretions. Obviously he got married too young (emotionally) and now it's come home to bite him. She is doing what she has to do to insure the kids' future.

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