Report: John Edwards Moving Rielle Hunter to N.C.; Elizabeth Edwards Packs Her Things

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John Edwards is in the process of moving Rielle Hunter love child into his North Carolina neighborhood, where he will help raise their love child.

That's today's John-Rielle gossip from the National Enqurier.

Rielle Hunter Baby: Frances Quinn Hunter

Absurd as this sounds, we have to mention with every story that the Enquirer has been right every step of the way regarding Hunter so far. So they get a small sliver of leeway here. At least enough for us to reproduce this nonsense.

In a stunning change of heart, the celebrity gossip tabloid claims the former presidential hopeful has embraced parenthood of baby daughter Frances.

The Enquirer also says John's cancer-stricken wife Elizabeth exploded in a rage when he told her of his parenting plans and that he's moving Rielle Hunter and her baby to Wilmington, N.C., near his $2.6 million waterfront mansion.

The bombshell comes on the heels of reports that John Edwards underwent a DNA test which proved he fathered the love child with Rielle.

"John is definitely behind Rielle's move to Wilmington," said a supposed insider. "There's absolutely no way that [Edwards] didn't approve or arrange her moving closer to him - it's all part of his new plan to do the right thing."

Rielle Hunter is moving in! Or nearby! Or not moving at all, who knows.

So when he cheated on his terminally ill wife with a weird videographer who he knocked up, paid hush money out of his campaign war chest, then denied any knowledge of, that was the wrong thing. This is the right thing. Just checking.

"John's admitted to his family and close friends that he's the father of Frances. He says he wants to be a part of her life and help raise his daughter."

According to reports, Edwards has made a decision to publicly announce the DNA test results before the conclusion of a grand jury investigation into his possible violation of campaign finance laws. He has yet to actually do this, however.

As for Edwards' long-suffering wife Elizabeth, she is apparently livid that John intended to help raise the toddler and have Rielle as a neighbor.

"Elizabeth was hit with an overwhelming one-two punch," a source said.

"She's always figured the child may be John's, but the positive DNA result really floored her. And as if that wasn't bad enough, John told Elizabeth he needed to be in his daughter's life - and that Rielle was moving to North Carolina.

"He told Elizabeth he was tired of all the lies, and that's why he was ready to publicly admit Frances is his baby. That's when Elizabeth exploded! In a fit of rage, she just grabbed a suitcase and started packing her things..."


He's just being a politician guys... haha sorry.


He already did something wrong not only to his family but to the public. What's next? He wants to do what is right for his other family, his daughter. He does not want to be a puppet anymore. He want to do what every father should do, be there for his daughter.


John-CHEATER LIAR and a DOUCHEBAG! Elizabeth-STUPID DESPERATE FOOL! Elizabeth STILL SUPPORTED and stood by John-even after she found out! Elizabeth is as horrible as he is! BOTH ARE a DISGRACE and LIARS!!


David, you are talking a load of "hog wash" Since when bringing your lover close to home, the right thing to do. Does she have to be near him, for him to provide for the child. His cancer-stricken wife, who foolishly supported him during his presential campaign even after he admitted the affair to her, should be given more respect. Have he no feelings for the poor womam?


I think he is doing the right thing. He wants to be closer to his daughter. Finally, he is doing something right. I am sorry for Elizabeth but the damage is already done. The baby is an innocent child and the baby deserves a father. You can be angry all you want and you can cry and cry forever, do you think will change that he is or not the father? of course not, he has to pay for the consequences. He is the father and he needs to be part of his child's life. He is tired of lying. Doing the right thing is provide and be part of his daughter.


Don't forget - Elizabeth Edwards knew the truth about her husband and this woman, and still went before the American public, supporing her husband's run for the highest office in the land. She was willing to risk the collapse of the Democratic Party's chances in our last presidential race! They are a pair!


I think if this is true, divorce or atleast a separation should be done. Elizabeth can't be or shouldn't be surprised at anything he will/will not do. I think Elizabeth should think about what is best for her children. God knows, her heart must be numb by now, anyway. The children should come first and what is best for them. John Edwards never looked sincere about anything.


John is a CHEATER LIAR MONEY STEALER and should be put in JAIL! John is a DISGRACE to the American people! Elizabeth is a STUPID PATHETIC COWARD!! Elizabeth, DIVORCE the DOUCHEBAG!!


John-CHEATER LIAR DOUCHEBAG PATHETIC DISGUSTING BOY!! Yes, support the child, but DON'T move them nearby-STUPID SLIME BAG!! Elizabeth-STUPID COWARD GIRL,for staying with him, but got some sense now-DIVORCE and BE DONE WITH HIM!! ONCE A CHEATER and LIAR, ALWAYS A CHEATER and LIAR!!


The tabloid says he's tired of the lies. Let's see . . . those would be his lies. He created the situation so stop whining but don't punish Elizabeth, Kate, Emma and Jack because he's an ass. Go to hell (aka Rielle) Johnny boy (and he is a boy not a man)!

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