Reggie Miller Flirts with Ali Kay, Fiance Alex von Furstenberg is Far From Pleased

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Former NBA star Reggie Miller is denying accusations that he slept with Ali Kay, a woman who is engaged to Alex von Furstenberg, the son of designer Diane.

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    Reggie Miller Granted Restraining Order Against Alex von Furstenberg

    Reggie Miller and Alex von Furstenberg are going at it again. This time, there's a restraining order involved.

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    Ali Kay must have that "FIRE" down below. Get it girl, juggling rich men is always a fun activity


    He is a loser. He should be upset that his soon to be whore is not satisfied with him. If she doesnt end up in bed with Reggie wshe will soon enough with the next richer guy with a bigger wanker.


    I'm sure the women reggie has forgotten most men will never have! He hardly needs to be stalking any woman ! The interest was mutual and alex can't handle it, at least with any dignity! What goes around comes around doesnt feel good does it!


    What a loser Alex is..they are NOT even married and his little immature plan to embarrass Miller and put him on blast FAILED..why isn't Alex putting Ali on blast? She is texting, flirting and sending provocative pix to Miller! Hope he is not dumb enough to marry this embarrassing for Diane V..a classy woman who has an idiot for a son


    you forgot also to mention that this guys who is crying like a baby that his Fiance is a whore, was also married with two kids when he began dating his now Fiance Ali. They are both trying to get their names in the paper. And if everything was legally resolved prior to him defaming R. Miller, then he needs to have a HUGE law-suit on his hands. Why tell the world that your woman is a whore and unsatisfied in bed with you. By the way this guys is 42 and she is 26. He sounds like he is a psychotic LOSER!!!

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