Protesters: Adam Lambert is a "Rebel Against God"

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It's both incomprehensible and incredibly depressing that people like this exist.

But at last night's American Idol concert in Kansas City, awful, close-minded members of the Westboro Baptist Church stood outside and protested the mere existence of Adam Lambert.

They held signs that read "God Hates Fags" and, as heard on the video below, one of them referred to Lambert and other homosexuals as a "bunch of rebels against God... they're teaching rebellion against the standards and commandments of God."

Such ignorant, hateful morons make Jon Voight look sane and reasonable.

Rising above it all, Lambert Tweeted after the show:

Thank you all for the support. Love overcomes hate. Love has no color. Love has no orientation. All is love. :)

This is the second time this summer that a Church has sponsored this sort of protest. Other gay-haters picketed a concert in San Jose in July.

It's interesting to note how Lambert has handled these incidents of pure vitriol, compared to how the Carrie Prejean has handled her scandal-filled spotlight. Who do you think is a better Christian role model?


You should highlight the fact that Adam is Jewish as well and they had anti-Semetic signs. So Adam is a good example of a what a good person is (Christian or Jewish). God loves us all and God Hates Hate


Okay.....This anti GAY protester should get a Sexual Harrassment LAW suit. That is descrimination against preferrably gender. When do we care about the sexual Orientation of anybody? Common IGNORANT "haters" out there. To tell you the Truth the Protester that is wearing Anti-GAy red T-Shirt looks like a LESBIAN to me, and yet she is holding a Sign anti-gay. Before you hold that friggin Sign take a good Look of yourself first.
Those Hypocrite Religious makes me mad, they have no right to judge Anyone and using God's name.
If you want to get an action about religion, go Send your message to the TERRORIST and Preach them instead of the Entertainer. The TALIBAN needed your Moral Support than Ever, get out there and make them Godly instead of Evily. By the way Adam is a Gifted dude, and he is using it right now to entertain the WORLD. God Loves Adam Lambert!! God HATES The HYPOCRITES LIKE THOSE PROTESTER!


I would love to ask them this question: If God is watching you righ now is He proud of the way you are treating people or ashamed? Putting the Bible aside, aren't we supposed to believe as people (who are Christian) that God loves us no matter what and the love is what He wants us to spread? So this just goes to show you that these are people who are not doing this in God's name. They are judging others and that's not right. When each one of us leaves this earth, the thing that matters is how we treated people when we were here. This girl isnt' doing so great.


I've always felt that those who preach against it the loudest are deeply in the closet themselves. There's no doubt in my mind that Fred Phelps is delusional and possibly incestuous. He's mentally and verbally abusive and I have no sympathy or empathy for any moron who allows themselves to be brain washed by the likes of the Phelps clan.


The B*tch in the video's name is Megan Phelps. She is on Twitter as @meganphelps. She is a sick disgusting excuse for a human being. God help her dark, ugly, hate filled soul.


Westboro Baptist Church are not Mormons! Please do your research before you post such things!


Adam displays what I would call the true Christian example. He has a very forgiving soul. I believe God loves all of us, and that's pretty amazing, isn't it? He even loves people who protest the existence of others. Hatred coming from the church only makes people want to steer their way from Christianity. After all, if it's about learning to hate, then why would I want any part of that?!


their web site is atleast thats what it said when i looked it up. these people are not christians. they are just a hate group. might as well call them the kkk. they call them selfs a curch cuz it makes them look better. adams right not to let it bother him.


People like this make me ashamed to be an American. Way too many of us are still in the dark ages. Kudos to Adam for handling it so gracefully.


If the "members of the Westboro Baptist Church" actually protested Lambert in the way described in this article, they are NOT Christians. They are demons masquerading as Christians. Ignore these minions of Beezelbub.

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