Protesters: Adam Lambert is a "Rebel Against God"

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It's both incomprehensible and incredibly depressing that people like this exist.

But at last night's American Idol concert in Kansas City, awful, close-minded members of the Westboro Baptist Church stood outside and protested the mere existence of Adam Lambert.

They held signs that read "God Hates Fags" and, as heard on the video below, one of them referred to Lambert and other homosexuals as a "bunch of rebels against God... they're teaching rebellion against the standards and commandments of God."

Such ignorant, hateful morons make Jon Voight look sane and reasonable.

Rising above it all, Lambert Tweeted after the show:

Thank you all for the support. Love overcomes hate. Love has no color. Love has no orientation. All is love. :)

This is the second time this summer that a Church has sponsored this sort of protest. Other gay-haters picketed a concert in San Jose in July.

It's interesting to note how Lambert has handled these incidents of pure vitriol, compared to how the Carrie Prejean has handled her scandal-filled spotlight. Who do you think is a better Christian role model?


People are not made gay and there is plenty of research to show they can stop if they want to. Everyone chooses who to sleep with. Just take the teenager with hormones raging that says they just cant help themselves and let them hear one of the parents coming down the stairs... Instantly they have self-control. That is true regardless of the gender you are choosing to sleep with. We are made sexual. Barring rape, we choose who we sleep with and when.


It amazes me that the writer of the article can spew hatred while claiming to live above the fray of those he says spew hatred. I am not sure if the article shows yellow journalism or double standard more clearly but they are running neck and neck for the win. People have opinions. Just because they dont match yours, doesn't mean they should be silenced. Not in the land of the free anyway.


Never be afraid of who God made you to be in this world. Ignore the negative thoughts of your peers and follow your heart. That is what God intended for you. It is heroic to stand up and be who you were destined to be in this life. You are who you are for a reason


If there is a God, he hates the Protesters.
OMG are they hateful.


They are not Christians. Jesus said let ye who is without
sin cast the first stone. These people are not without sin.
Love thy brother as thyself. Do unto others as you would have
others do unto you. Those are Christian values and if they
are not living by that then they are not following Christian
principles. I'm Christian and proud of it and I'm a Glambert
and proud of it. What an amazing talent and voice.


I'll soon be 50 years old... been raised in church all my life. The actions of this churchs congregation are certainly not what my bible says. I have to ask myself what is the real motive behind this. This display or protest certainly cannot bring Glory to God .. And .... YES... I will buy the CD on 11/24.


Bunch of morons.People who are gay were born that way.GOD had something to do with that


WTF-Luther, almost everyone on this site is talking about how these freaks from that fake church are stalking, and harassing Adam, and you say it's because they are Protestant! HA!HA!HA! No seriously, you're freaking me out. I quess this proves that there is more than one way to be crazy. I was raised a Protestant. I quess that makes me disobedient. Disobedient to you, and all of the other hateful fanatics. Just what is "the right church" Luther? Your church? See how hate and narrow-mindedness creeps in.


People, What I saw missing in these comments is the love of Jesus Christ. Gentiles are to bring Jews to the Lord Jesus by showing Gods Love through the Word God has given us. Love God with all thy heart,soul and mind. Love thy neighbor as thy self. Gods Love all people but he hates SIN and we should to.


I am also a born again christian and I too love Adam Lambert.It is not up to any of us to judge Adam.He acts more like a christian and more kind and loving then these people who claim to know the word of God.I sometimes find myself defending gays.Leave them alone take the log out of your own eye the scripture says.who are we to judge.

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