Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson Photo: Revealed!

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It was only a matter of time.

Last week, Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson came out of the woodwork to claim he is Michael Jackson's son - because his name is Prince Michael, obviously.

According to court documents released last week, Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson requested a DNA test to prove he is the biological son of the King of Pop.

TMZ unearthed an image of the supposed secret son when he was a kid. Do you think he's Michael's love child? Here's a photo of "the other" Prince Michael ...

Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson Picture

Is this Michael Jackson's secret love child?

Ron Newt, a close family friend, approached Joe Jackson, whom he was friends with before Michael's death. Newt says Joe denied it and to "leave it alone."

That's in contrast to the way Joe, Michael's dad, reacted when asked if Omer Bhatti is Michael's son. The elder Jackson pretty much confirmed he kind of is.

The "official" Prince Michaels - Michael Jackson, Jr., 12, and Blanket, 7, were raised by MJ and are now with his mother Katherine Jackson, as per his will.

Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson is 24 and just looking for "closure."


I'm so sick and tired of people who believe the only way a person can be said to be MJ's son is if he looks like him.....there's a 50% or even less chance that a child should have his or her biological parents's face, it's all in the genes...a child can look 100% like it's mother and only have it's father's toes but that doesn't mean he/she is not his/her father's child


I just googled a picture of this guy and he looks more like the Purple Rain Prince than anyone else, not MJ. All kinds of freaks are climbing out of the woodwork. People took advantage of him in life and will continue in his death. How freakin sad. All these people do is make themselves look like desperate freaks out for their 15 minutes of fame. Leave MJ alone, he's gone. May you find a way to R.I.P. MJ


" If it is positive My quesion is why he did not present this beautiful young black man to the world like his other children." Michael Jackson's great crossover success owed almost as much to his clean cut image as to his talent. He got an award from Ronald Reagan, for God's sake! While his stage performances were smoking hot, because of the American fear of sexually potent black men, MJ was sold to the public as virginal, even asexual. Twenty-five years ago, if it had been revealed that sweet young Michael Jackson had fathered an out-of-wedlock child, his career would have been damaged beyond repair. Marriage to the mother was out of the question - she was several years older with a serious drug problem. I also believe this is Michael Jackson's child. But no doubt there was overwhelming pressure from the record label and MJ's family to keep this child a secret. And as we know, the Jacksons can keep a secret like nobody's business!


What is the truth? He is MJ first born son. Isn't he. I have a feeling this isn't a hoax. This is not going to pretty, but at least When it is confirmed by DNA, Prince
Michael I, will have closure. If it is positive My quesion is why he did not present this beautiful young black man to the world like his other children. You know ,He may be MJ only true Biological son. You and your family keep your head up. The world will be in for a shock.I still love MJ, But he was not GOD. He was human. Some people don't seem to understand that.


The family is having a hard time over the situation.We hope malicious and nonsense thought would be stop!!!!!!


I could say,better find and face the real truth.....and they know the truth..


I think he looks like Tito Jackson. Not Michael, butthen again I would have to see the mother.


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