Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson Photo: Revealed!

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It was only a matter of time.

Last week, Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson came out of the woodwork to claim he is Michael Jackson's son - because his name is Prince Michael, obviously.

According to court documents released last week, Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson requested a DNA test to prove he is the biological son of the King of Pop.

TMZ unearthed an image of the supposed secret son when he was a kid. Do you think he's Michael's love child? Here's a photo of "the other" Prince Michael ...

Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson Picture

Is this Michael Jackson's secret love child?

Ron Newt, a close family friend, approached Joe Jackson, whom he was friends with before Michael's death. Newt says Joe denied it and to "leave it alone."

That's in contrast to the way Joe, Michael's dad, reacted when asked if Omer Bhatti is Michael's son. The elder Jackson pretty much confirmed he kind of is.

The "official" Prince Michaels - Michael Jackson, Jr., 12, and Blanket, 7, were raised by MJ and are now with his mother Katherine Jackson, as per his will.

Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson is 24 and just looking for "closure."


NO way. I suppose Nona Paris Lola Jackson and Billie Jean Jackson (who are people filing clims against the estate) are really MJs wives and MJ really fathered Tome Cruise's kid Conner and Tom Cruise stole him..? And MJ is the father to ONE of some secret triplets Katie Holmes has. Yeh ... thats a crazy story by one woman who has filed a claim against the estate, and was actually given court time. A video of her saying these things is on TMZ and youtube. Lots of mentally ill people are coming out with stories like that, they are atracted to high profile cases.


karen, we Americans, especially we black Americans undoubtedly know more about what MJ would or wouldn't do than someone abroad, lol!
Maybe Prince Michael is a really common name where you come from. But in this country, if a kid with that name shows up, with a birth certificate naming Michael Jackson, born in Indiana as the father, with a mother who worked for Michael Jackson, chances are THE Michael Jackson is the father.


@Karen Glad you know about MJ personal life and what he will or will not do. All signs do not poin t to MJ being a virgin until his thirties, Thats what he wanted you to be lieve because of the image that he betrayed. But MJ was sexually active way before the age of thirt, And to much of yak surprise, This could very likely be his kid. The DNA Test holds the answer.


That is not MJ's kid. People (especially you Americans) falls so easily for rumours. So much, til you start developoing your own theory about his life rather that accepting the known truths. Everything I've heard from credible sources including MJ himselve...he wasnt about sex until his mid 30s. He was too shy and heavily insecure about his skin condition to become sexually involved and his religion and morals made him respect sex enough to wait. He doesnt look like MJ and why would MJ not own him? Plz! His mother was probably obsessed with MJ. If he knew he was his Dad why didnt he seek to find out when he was alive and had financial troubles? Now he's worth more dead than alive this so called Prince Michael shows up? Ridiculous. The only way this come be his is if MJ had donated to a sperm bank


Don't see a huge resemblence between Michael. Maybe if he is Mike's and I see the mother, like with Paris, I'd be able to see it. Cute kid though. If he's Mike's, we know where he gets it.


"If it is positive my quesion is why he did not present this beautiful young black man to the world like his other children." Umm...he didn't "present his other children to the world." As I recall, Michael children's faces were constantly covered up by masks to protect them from the public. It wasn't until after his death that his kids were "presented to the public" by Michael's family, who paraded them, unmasked, in front of the world.


This is MJ'S kid and he is going to Fisk Univeristy. The Jackson's do not want to grant him a DNA test with MJ's DNA to avoid publicity and THEN THE FAMILY HAS TO GIVE HIM $$$$. This would ruin MJ reputation having a black child and giving him up and not acknowleging him. Yes, ITS MICHAEL JACKSON SON!! REALLY HOW MANY PEOPLE DO YOU KNOW THAT HAVE THE FIRST NAME PRINCE LEGALLY, THIS IS HIS LEGAL NAME ON PAPER AND ITS NO COINCIDENCE!! The Mother was a Michael Jackson clothing designer and they knew each other for years.


hello zou do im pedro


he kind of looks like michael in his young days like b 4 the afro




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