Presenting: The New Ugly Betty!

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Is it too late to rename the series Pretty Betty?

As filming for ABC's Ugly Betty gets underway, the show has given its main character a serious makeover.

Played by America Ferrera, Betty Suarez has said goodbye to her braces and sayonara to her messy, curly hair.

In April, producer Silvio Horta warned fans about the impending new look. He said: “There’s going to be a progression in her look overall. It’ll still be Betty, but you’ll see some growth in that direction.”

That's for sure. Compare the before-and-after shots below:

  • Betty Suarez Photo
  • The New Ugly Betty

Do you like the new Ugly Betty?

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Finally! Some character development!


It's ironic that a show that is supposed to be about someone ugly can't stay true to the concept because Hollywood so dislikes plain or ugly women.


The eventual transformation was obvious to anyone who has seen the original, Columbian Novela "Betty la fea." I think the show has dragged on too long and focused way too much on side stories that never existed. I hope they do the transformation in slow stages like the did in the original.The make over was part of a growth process (as in character development)with the final result being a braceless, confident knock out. I sincerely hope they stick to that aspect of the novela at the very least. :\


I liked betty uglier. It came all at couce


i hope she has the same fashion sense though


Its true. Her ugliness was the point of eth show!


Too much, too soon!
Betty's transformation should have come in slower steps. First the braces should have gone....then the messy hair....then the glasses.
Changing everything at once kinda ruins the character.