Peter Andre: Shirtless, Still Not Over Katie Price

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Peter Andre has granted his first photo shoot and magazine interview since he walked out on his marriage to Katie Price, and was in fairly good spirits.

That is, until he spies a newspaper article that was lying in the kitchen of the Fabulous magazine offices. They tried to hide it. He caught a glimpse.

He physically steeled himself and said: "Show me. I want to see."

Reluctantly, Peter was shown a picture of Katie Price wearing a dress, is a story about how she plans to "finish what she started" with football star Frank Lampard (the pair dated before she met Peter) and then make a play for Cristiano Ronaldo.

It made for an awkward moment.

Peter Andre can't stop himself staring at this latest humiliation. He shakes his head, looks away and mutters: "That's just so cheap," under his breath.

Peter Andre Shirtless

His split from Katie Price still eats at Peter Andre.

He made it perfectly clear before the interview that he doesn't want to talk about Katie's behavior, but the problem is that Jordan is still in the room.

Not physically, but in the newspaper, in the haunted expression in Peter's eyes, and in his trim body that shows the weight he has lost since the split.

It's almost 12 weeks since he called time on the marriage. While Peter, 36, has remained dignified, Katie, 31, has stripped off, got drunk, snogged Anthony Lowther and Alex Reid, slagged him off and given a TV interview about the break-up.

She has moved on. Peter has not.

Kinda makes you feel bad for the poor fella. Continue reading this article here, and click to enlarge the Peter Andre photos from Fabulous below ...

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  • Peter Andre Underwear Pic
  • Peter and Katie
  • Peter Andre Head Shot
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