Paul Wesley: What About Me?!?

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Last week, we asked readers to name the hottest pretend vampire.

From Robert Pattinson to Brad Pitt, the votes came pouring in.

Paul on the Mic

However, Paul Wesley was left out of the debate, much to the consternation of fans that can't wait to tune in to The Vampire Diaries just to get a glimpse of this rising star.

Wesley hails from New Jersey, has appeared in 24 and Army Wives and looks like this:

Does he compare to Pattinson, Stephen Moyer or any of the other fake vampires out there? You tell us.

Click on the photos below to help you decide:


he is nt bad as aguy


The boy is cute!!! He is definately one of the cutest vampires that I have ever seen.


i have watched vampire diaries about only 101 times just so i can look at paul.he is so cool, so sweet.i wonder how he pulls that off even in real life.


man, i seriously don't get why the didn't add him, i mean look at him. he's incredibly hot, he's talented, and from the many interviews I've seen with him he seems lay back and cool,and very polite. so i don't get it!


I think he is the romantic hero that we all dream about. With the classic goods looks, very down to earth from what interviews I have seen and not to mention the character that protrayes. How could anyone not want to know more about him!


yes he is so hot


i dont now why the poor boy wasnt added in but maybe it was because he isnt the hottest but way sxcier than that because truthfully hes hotter than every fake vampire ever


So when reading Twilight about a year ago... I pictured my Edward. When Twilight the movie came out- Rob didn't fit my idea of Edward. Now recently watching Vampire Diaries I would have to say Paul fits my Edward way better. Even his acting skills and personality match what I had imagined. But he is awesome as the role he is playing and would hope that he doesn't continue to be compared to someone else. He shines on his own. =)


my fav vampires are him and edward. stephen in the books is sexy and paul wesly just brings him to life perfectly =D


Paul is simply fabulous

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