Octomom Hospitalized, Taxpayers to Foot the Bill

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Nadya Suleman has landed back in Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Bellflower, Calif., a source close to the drain on society reports Wednesday morning.

While the reason for her hospitalization is unknown, the source added that Nadya Suleman is expected to remain there for at least 24-48 hours.

“This is not a big deal and Nadya should be back on her feet in a couple of days” the source told Radar Online. Ah. We can only pray, and hope.

Maybe they can cure her chronic case of siphoning off taxpayers.

Octomom Talking

FERTILITY: Octomom has that going for her. And nothing else.

Nadya Suleman, a single, jobless mom of 14, underwent minor surgery in May. Sadly, that operation have not made her infertile, so the brood may grow yet.

Octomom: The Incredible Unseen Footage - yes, a two-hour Octomom TV special - will air Wednesday, August 19 on Fox. Set your DVR so you don't miss it.

The program will chronicle the saga of Nadya, who despite having six kids already, got artificially inseminated with eight more and gave birth in January.


I think she has taken away my rights as a taxpayer. Why should I have to foot the bill for those kids with my hard earned tax dollars. I had to mortgage my home to pay for my kids.
I am going to sue her for misusing my tax dollars. I can't work out at the gym I can't afford it. can't shop at the Brea Mall I can't afford it how does she? Is she using my hard earned tax dollars to pay for all the bullshit she is doing and buying I want to know right now. I am 62 years old and can barely buy food it really pisses me off when I see that bitch on TV.


Why... WHY this woman was never prosecuted for fraud is beyond me. Putting aside opinions on her ethics (or lack of), parenting skills (or lack of), etc. .... Her ass should be locked up in prison.


i hate her. everything about her is revolting. she goes to the mall i frequent. i can't wait to see her there so i can yell at her.


OCTOMOM “…deeply REGRETS her latest round of multiple births.� NOT! Her ONLY regret: NOT getting AWAY w/CONNING everyone. Starting w/DR PHIL ENABLING HER w/a Forum & sponsors’ LOOT --to get the poor preemies home & begin OCTO’s PAYDAY. SHE PLANNED everything …except the REVULSION we feel at her (trying) to GET AWAY w/this CON. At the EXPENSE of those babies WANTONLY birthed – without REGARD for THEM or the LIFE they’d endure AS circus FREAKS -on display. THE ULTIMATE CON. AS IF we’re dumb ENOUGH to believe her continuous lying. Fibroid tumors, her left foot! Just more of her never-ending “cosmetic� procedures. Sadly, nothing cures narcissistic creatures. Like Remora (sucker fish) who attach themselves to others for the “FREE RIDE.� Those kids need GOOD homes w/2 parents who CAN GIVE each child a responsible upbringing and 110% attention that EVERY CHILD NEEDS to thrive. As has been her practice: OCTO-LEACH thrives off OTHERS.


We are tired of Nadya & Michael. Move on!


When U have that MANY cosmetic surgeries, things are BOUND TO GO WRONG. EVERYBODY ELSE PAYS FOR HER MISTAKES. If only she would TELL THE TRUTH instead of lying about EVERYTHING --as IF anybody believed her delusions (except stupid Dr Phil) who started her on the gravy train BEG-A-THON.
We can only hope (for the sake of the 14 kids)that CPS & Gloria Allred TAPE the 2-hrs on FOX. It should give a clear indication that SHE is not a "fit" parent. She only had those kids to AVOID having TO WORK for A LIVING. Let the kids go to GOOD HOMES w/2 LOVING parents who WILL give each child 110% attention --as well as having the FINANCIAL MEANS to raise them to adulthood. Otherwise those kids will be CIRCUS FREAKS whose only talent would be LEACHING OFF SOCIETY --like their mother has done the last DECADE.


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Nadya Suleman Got BACK!
Nadya Suleman, a.k.a. Octomom, is an attention-loving, certifiably insane lady who gained international attention when she gave birth to... More »
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Nadya Denise Suleman