Obama Health Care Logo Sparks Controversy

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Debate over the health care plan championed by U.S. President Barack Obama is turning rancorous, with figures on both sides of the discussion lobbing harsh criticism at the other and even the Obama health care logo coming under attack.

As we saw with this week's Obama Joker poster, which brandished the word "socialism" and likened the Prez to Heath Ledger's character in The Dark Knight, there has been vehement opposition to some of the President's policy initiatives.

Addressing some of the opposition she has encountered, the U.S. Speaker of the House and universal health care advocate, Nancy Pelosi, recently accused protesters at Democratic health care town hall meetings of carrying swastikas.

In response, the website Sweetness and Light likened the Obama health care logo to a swastika and compared Democrats to Nazis. Makes perfect sense.

Here's the Obama health care logo ...

Fairly innocuous, right? Not according to Sweetness and Light, which proves that if you look hard enough, one can find a swastika hidden in anything ...

  • Obama Health Care Logo 1
  • Obama Health Care Logo 2
  • Obama Health Care Logo 3

There you have it. The President must be a Nazi.

According to Sweetness and Light, which fashioned the controversial photo comparison seen above, the Nazis and the Democrats are both:

"Against big banks and capitalism, against big stores, against pollution, for two years mandatory voluntary service to the country, for make-work projects, against cruelty and to animals, against smoking, for abortion and for universal health care."

Just another day of modern American political discourse.

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Errr...."Mandatory voluntary service to the country"?


Nazis aside, here is my problem with the logo: Caduceus, the staff with wings and two snakes. It has more to do with death than anything else. The better symbol to use is the rod of Asclepius which is associated with healing...much better than death.


Check out the insignia for an enlisted United States Marine and ask a marine if his badge resembles any nazi symbol. Then let me know how that works out for you.