Nude, But Nice: Co-Stars Defend Vanessa Hudgens

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Granted, Vanessa Hudgens has a penchant for nudity.

But that doesn't make her a bad person.

Coming off a week in which the actress has faced a stream of criticism - most notable from unfunny "comedian" Dane Cook - Vanessa's co-stars are coming to her defense.

"It's so totally uncool," Charlie Saxton, who appears opposite Hudgens in Bandslam, said of the negativity around his friend. "It's like, come on. Give me a break. She's such a sweet person, such a nice girl."

With Clothes On

Vanessa Hudgens has a smile on her face, and clothes on her back (for a change).

Meanwhile, Aly Michalka (another Bandslam star) has a theory for why everyone is so harsh to Hudgens: pure jealousy.

After all, have you seen who she's dating?!?

"I think that it's about people being hard on people just to be hard on them," Michalka said. "It's hard to avoid that sometimes... I think it really is based on that and I think maybe her being with [Zac Efron]."


Lmao. I somehow find it very hard to believe that jealousy is the most untrue statement of them all.
A girl with millions of fans and she makes a complete slut of herself, with all the pictures leaked on the internet. It would be quite hard to be jealous of that. o_O


this is getting annoying now! the nude photos that have recently come out are not new ones she has recently taken, they are very old ones they just weren't leaked when the others were. everyone makes mistakes when they are young. a lot of girls i know have taken photos like that and im not saying its the correct thing to do, i definitely wouldn't do it. all im saying is that everyone makes atleast one bad mistake when they are younger, nobody is perfect so give her a break! i love vanessa hudgens and will stick to being her fan no matter what shit people give her :)


Vanessa took those pics b4 she waz famous anyway, B4 SHE WAS A ROLE MODEL, n its not the only thing shes ever done so every1 shld get ovr it!
its not like SHE put those pic on the internet, its not like SHE doesnt kno she made a mistake. n every1 who says they arent jealous r, subconsiously.
they r mad cuz shes still hugely successfull aft some1 put those pics evrywer. wat she does with no cloths on is none of ur business anyway, all ur supposd 2 do is listen 2 her music n watch her movies...her private life is NONE OF UR BUSINESS n if shes good enuf 4 disey is 4 disney 2 decide they r all just mad cuz evry1 still likes her and @ Sara since hsm3 wrapd up LAST YEAR shes no longer with disney, get ur facts striaght b4 comenting


Vanessa is a sluty whore no matter wat everyone says 2 leave her alone the poor girl.. Famous or not put ur fucken chones and clothes on keep them on respect urself and body.. I blame this on the parents.. Who cares if she's with zac with whom ever u are with show some danm pride in ur self n keep ur clothes on!!..


@Sara, EVERYBODY makes mistakes. If she was an unknown who has nude photos leaked out will you be so agitated? But she' VANESSA HUDGENS whose bf is ZAC EFRON. She's a STAR. People would definetely make comments of her nude photo scandals but that's so old news alr! Isnt it time we start to forgive her? How would you feel if you were her and your nude photos were leaked out? Quit the industry?


@Mandy: isn't HighSchool Musical a Disney Production?? And Isn't Vanessa in for the 3rd installment of that movie??? Sounds like she's still with Disney then but she shouldn't be. She's a horrible example for young girls. To say someone is jealous (as per the comment by one of her friends) just because they find posing nude when you are under age and snapping pictures of yourself when your suppose to be a role model and act responsible - sounds like her friends have a few issues of their own. Get rid of Vanessa, time to bring in some good examples and take out the trash!


Okay, this is getting old people!! Everyone makes mistakes, Vanessa isn't with Disney anymore so she can do what she wants! She's an adult! Everyday people do far worse than what's she's done but they don't get judged! Because they are considered, by society, less important. The photos were leaked PURPOSELY, before the Bandslam premiere to sabotage the poor girl. She needs all the support she needs to hear that someone she trusted with those photos or with that information is doing this to her.


I highly doubt Dane Cook is jealous of her being with Zac Efron.


Come on co-stars-making up excuses? GET REAL! Vanessa IS a DISGRACE to Disney and YOUNG American girls! Vanessa-NUDE NUDE NUDE!! KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON, SLUT!


They probably are. I don't believe the whole jealousy thing applies in every case, like bullying for example but I think people are jealous of her cos she's pretty, she's famous, she's rich and she's going out with Zac Efron. What more could one want?


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