Nia Long: Nude, Attention-Starved for PETA

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While Michael Vick has served his time and should be allowed to make a living once again in the NFL, let's not forget the poor pitbulls that the quarterback trained as killers for many years.

When given the chance to rehabilitate these animals, PETA declined, citing the high cost involved.

Perhaps the organization could have affored to actually rescue the dogs, however, if it stopped spending millions on pointless, attention-grabbing ad campaigns.

Instead of allocating its resources to worthy causes, the charity cares more about making headlines, as it often does with its "I'd Rather Go Naked" campaign, in which C-list stars such as Eva Mendez, Rosalyn Sanchez and Khloe Kardashian bare it all on billboards.

Nia Long is the latest random actress to don her birthday suit in the name of attention fur-bashing.

Nia Long Nude

Don't get us wrong: we hate fur and we love the sight of beautiful, naked actresses.

We just wish PETA would focus on causes that actually provide assistance to animals. Is there even an iota of a chance that any of these posters have changed a single individual's mind about fur?


sexy n hot


How can you say that Eva Mendez is a C-list star? A bit jealous?


You hate fur and how do you know about fur....? If it weren't for ongoing campaigns and new gimmicks and stunts, the animals abused for their fur would still be relatively unknown. You might not like or understand it but hey - the message still gets out there - you said it yourself!
PETA does something that gets attention for animals, people come away with the message even if they don't get it that they did. Funny huh? Those PETA people are doing a damn fine job!


No but after I heard that PETA put down untold numbers of pets, I'm no longer a supporter of theirs.


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Nia Long Nude
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