Miley Makes Like a Stripper

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Miley Cyrus is a complete phony.

The Disney icon pretends to be an innocent 16-year old whenever she's involved with a scandal, such as when she clearly mocked Asian people in a photograph earlier this year, but then she poses in hooker boots and tells the world she's "not a kid anymore."

As if to prove her point, Miley put on a performance for the ages (literally!) at last night's Teen Choice Awards.

The singer rocked out to her new single, "Party in the USA," while standing atop an ice cream cart (awww, see how young and innocent she is?!?) and pole dancing like a stripper!

Stripper Impression

Later in the evening, Cyrus presented the Ultimate Choice Award to Britney Spears and told the fans: “I’m a huge fans of hers."

Makes sense. Britney has also made a career out of appealing to teenagers with her supposed saintliness, only to release songs with lyrics that would make Hugh Hefner blush.

We hope we're wrong, but it's just a matter of time until Miley also gets knocked up twice and then divorced.

Click on the pics below to view more images of Cyrus getting her stripper impression on. Then, follow this article's jump to watch a video of the entire performance...

Pole Dancing Miley
Young Pole Dancer
Mature Miley
Partying in the USA
Total Phony

Is this really appropriate for a 16-year old... performing in front of other 16-year olds? Write in. Let us know your thoughts.




gone are the days when an artist is known for their ability in their art-form (acting, singing, ect). This child is just a product of the present day mentality that the industry sell and Blind,immature parents who get caught and influence by the industry propaganda machine, who allow their children to be a part of it.Sex sells, it an ancient method use by exploiter to gain, but still people will not learn.I know i will not allow my 16 year old to dress and behave like that,knowing their are too much sick minds out dear eye raping these young girls, no one knows the extend they will go. that's not the way to show you are growing up, the next year she will be 17 and then 18 she is growing up everybody can see that.


Jesus christ people. Get over it. So she used a pole and wore micro shorts? I'm 14 and live in India and me and tons of my friends wear clothes like that. She's growing up. She's not going to be a Disney star forever. And just because she holds onto a pole doesn't mean she's going to end up like Britney. Who btw, seems to have done well enough now.


People are SO PRUDE in America.
That is not pole dancing. She did ONE dance move where she dropped low while a pole was there so she had something to hold on to while it was moving.
Have any of you actually seen a pole dance? THAT IS NOTHING LIKE IT.
She is not pole dancing, people are just trying to find a reason to hate her and/or make a controversy. I hate her myself, and think this is going wayyy too far.
Maybe parents would hate it in America, because they think things like nude sculptures are gross and whatnot.
Sure, the outfit was a little provocative, but we let kids wear shorts all the time. Almost every girl's short is that length, unless you force them to wear "bermudas" or boys' basketball shorts.
The shirt is just a style, and yeah, it's a little sexy, but that's why I said provocative. Definitely not bad enough for this big a hype.
And I can't stand biased reporting.


whats with all the hate on miley?? im not a fan of hers or anything but almost everytime i check this website, theres a new article saying sth bad about miley and its really starting to piss me off. like give her a break already! shes just trying to give a good performance and yea maybe she was also trying to be sexy but which teen doesnt?


can't blame her, it's just the reflect of what society and showbusiness is. Sex = Money. The ones to blame are the one that actually get interested, listen and buy music only because the singer is sexy.
God Bless America!!!!!


some people think shes really pole dancing but she just did one pop on that pole im only 10 and i think she is the coolest person ever when i was around pole i probly pop really i would do that but she was actually holding on to the pole so she wouldnt fall parents keep saying she acting to grown shes acting agsactlly her age so dont push I STILL LOVE U MILEY U ROCK PEACE


i totally agree with Stan, she was just hangin on..!


Haha! What's up with all this? I don't see anything wrong with her outfit, she is like she says GROWING UP! And I can't understand why there is so much talking about this? Dressed like a stripper? C'mon girls her age dress up like that all the time where I'm from anyway, and I don't see anything wrong about it. As for the "bad example" for younger fans of hers and other girls around the world I don't think they see it the way you do. Besides it's a show and that's exactley what you should take it for, sure it was the teen choice awards but hey looks to me she's just rocking out and having fun and putting up a good show so why all this talking about her outfit?? Then ofcourse the world is changing and we're all gonna see that in the future wether you like it or not.


okay,so honestly "growing up" doesn't mean to act provocative.
you can act taste full and classy. Everyone says theres nothing wrong with it and they compare themselves to it like "im growing up and i dress like that or whatever" but you dont have little girls from like ages 5 and up watching you. if anything more of mileys fans are younger than 16. If this is how shes wants to be then she should just enbrace it instead of making excuses everytime a negative comment is said about her. she contradicts herself trying to make it all innocent fun and saying shes just a kid and stuff but she wants to be "grown and mature" well shes not. People need to stop saying "leave miley alone" shes in the public eye come on!!,shes gonna be analyzed for everything she does and she knows it.


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