Miley Cyrus Tries to Shoot Down Rumor of Liam Hemsworth Hook-Up

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Within hours of the Internet buzzing over a rumored Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth make-out session, the spoiled young singer took to Twitter to shoot down this story.

She wrote:

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There are just a few problems with this reply:

   1. Blogs did not create this story; it was reported by People magazine and The New York Daily News;
   2. This is not random speculation; Alex Emanuel, a respected Broadway actor, says he witnessed the Miley make-out session;
   3. No one said Cyrus had a boyfriend. The rumor is that she was simply getting to first base with someone. Based on the way she dresses and acts, Miley doesn't seem like a one-guy kind of girl anyway.
   4. Notice how Cyrus always makes herself the center of the universe? We hate to break it to Miley, but reporting on her life is far from our "reason to breathe." It's just a job, sort of like how hers involves being a puppet for Disney.


Miley is a SELF-CENTERED CONCEITED EGOTISTICAL UGLY LYING ATTENTION-WHORE SPOILED SLUT!! Miley is NOT the center of the universe and is NOT a role model! Miley is a NOBODY!!


Miley-Why do YOU do this stuff and then DENY it? YOU A A LIAR!!


she is such a freaking slag! and i'm sorry but the pole dancing and those pics prove it! she's such a hypocrite, she says on magazines that 'i'm not a kid anymore' but when she's confronted about any of her slutty acts she whines, 'i'm just a kid, gimme a break!' god seriously, i'd be so depressed to have an ego like hers.


i dont lik ger at all and if she dosnt want ppl 2 talk abaut her than stuff doing it in public


Way to tell it like it is THG. Are her parents so money-hungry that they forgot to teach this girl some manners?!


you guys seriously need to get a life. She's a successful person accom plishing her dreams and for this stupid blog to make up shit like this saying that they're dating is so pathetic.
Obviously the cameras and boom have been cropped out of this picture.
Seriously the people who blog this need to get a real job, your probably just high school drop outs who failed at journalism so turned to blogging rumours about celebraties instead. I bet your jealous at the fact that Miley earns more money you could ever dream of whilst your still stuck on minimum wage. Seriously guys, blog about stuff that matters in this world. Not rumours about Miley Cyrus


Well i am gona stay out of this one.But im still a fan of her.


I'm not a Miley fan. But you could see that the pictures are cropped and being zoomed into. Her being a star doesn't mean that she can't have her own private life.


1st...miley needs to get over that rumors. cuz from my point of view she does this crap on purpose then denies its. so it could be true

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