Miley Cyrus Tries to Shoot Down Rumor of Liam Hemsworth Hook-Up

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Within hours of the Internet buzzing over a rumored Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth make-out session, the spoiled young singer took to Twitter to shoot down this story.

She wrote:

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There are just a few problems with this reply:

   1. Blogs did not create this story; it was reported by People magazine and The New York Daily News;
   2. This is not random speculation; Alex Emanuel, a respected Broadway actor, says he witnessed the Miley make-out session;
   3. No one said Cyrus had a boyfriend. The rumor is that she was simply getting to first base with someone. Based on the way she dresses and acts, Miley doesn't seem like a one-guy kind of girl anyway.
   4. Notice how Cyrus always makes herself the center of the universe? We hate to break it to Miley, but reporting on her life is far from our "reason to breathe." It's just a job, sort of like how hers involves being a puppet for Disney.

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I think that Miley is right,but what if she is lieing about that she had a boyfriend ,what if she did. Top that off people!!!!!


bla blah bla bla BLaaah blah blah bla blah!!!!!! bbbblllaaahhhh!!! OK?


leave the girl alone,even if she did hook up with him.who caresss? girls are hooking up with guys kkkkkkk just stop.


It seems like Miley dosen't know the man 2 choose 1st Nick now Liam. I don't get how Miley couldn't be dating him. But whatever she says she isn't. aand by the way, if Miley is a NOBODY why is she a multi-millionaire????? Huh?


omg i just watched HANNAH MONTANA THE MOVIE it was AMAZING :D


Ppl need 2 shut the fuck off about her let her do what she wants and if you don't like her don't pay any attention to what she does... miley keep making your money and have fun.. and this website keep making that paper and read her ever tweet good job..


SHUT UP AND GET A LIFE. QUIT PICKING ON A 16 YEAR OLD GIRL YOU CREEP. It's none of your business. Oh and hey fellow commenters, are you all millionaires with successful careers and millions of fans world wide? People make mistakes, she's just having fun. Losers.




wow miley looks like ur about to kiss you hooker


That is right 6:15 comment! MILEY IS A LIAR who DENYS!!!!!!