Miley Cyrus Promotes Underage Drinking, Sex

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It's been a sad month for Miley Cyrus on Twitter.

She's alerted followers to her heartbreaking love life, while also crying out for attention by fighting with ex-boyfriend Justin Gaston in the most public of forums.

So, can you blame a girl for just wanting to get crazy and party?

Yes, when that girl is 16, she's considered a role model by millions and she's quoting a song that references Jack Daniels, beer and tight jeans (that are meant to make "little boys come undone").

Indeed, in a Tweet last night, Cyrus quoted a line from the Gretchen Wilson song "I'm Here for the Party."

Latest Tweet

Doesn't Miley's life sound awesome? Don't you just wish you were her?!?

That's the basic message she's trying to get across in this latest plea for attention.

Yes, Miles, we know you're here for the party. The pity party, that typically is.

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i hate her... i hate all these disney brats and celebrity-wannabees, just like the jonas bros (ughh!), who do they think they are? trying to be a role model for kids, when they are themselves kids!


who the hell cares if she had hard "breakup" she's sixteen, it's nothing especially for her she'll get another douche (prob. more than 5 yrs older than her)ofcourse, she is a DISNEY star act like it! and she is for kids entertainment!!!! if she wants to "twitter" she can do it in a journal not where other sixteen year old girls can look her up. not all teens are like her i.e. Selena Gomez same age Disney star and she doesnt even have to dance on a pole to get attention!


Okay, so she is quoting a song. The problem is...? Every 16 year old posts song quotes. Who cares?! She isn't doing anything inappropriate.


i dont see the problem in tweeting that!


I don't see the problem? You're just making something out of nothing because you have no real stories to put on here. Get a grip.


I think you to need to pity yourself she is obviously going through a hard time with a guy. did you ever get your heart broken? she is obviously telling the guy enough already i am leaving and living up my life. leave this girl alone already