Miley Cyrus Promotes Underage Drinking, Sex

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It's been a sad month for Miley Cyrus on Twitter.

She's alerted followers to her heartbreaking love life, while also crying out for attention by fighting with ex-boyfriend Justin Gaston in the most public of forums.

So, can you blame a girl for just wanting to get crazy and party?

Yes, when that girl is 16, she's considered a role model by millions and she's quoting a song that references Jack Daniels, beer and tight jeans (that are meant to make "little boys come undone").

Indeed, in a Tweet last night, Cyrus quoted a line from the Gretchen Wilson song "I'm Here for the Party."

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Doesn't Miley's life sound awesome? Don't you just wish you were her?!?

That's the basic message she's trying to get across in this latest plea for attention.

Yes, Miles, we know you're here for the party. The pity party, that typically is.


P.S. Why is the target of so many RETARDED gossip blogs a harmless 16 year old?!?!?! Its sad. Get a life. Stop ruining hers. I'm never coming to this website again.


Oh, shut up. Its a country song about partying. She's a teenage country girl who likes to party. Its COMPLETELY taken out of context. You people are dumb. Its not like she quoted the dirty lines, and there's nothing wrong it. You're over-reacting. Stop scrutinizing her!


why are you hating on her?? it is asong that has some lyrics with alcohol in what??? i don't see anything on here about people like eminem.....50 cent when throughout their songs there is constant swearing...when have you ever heard miley swear or see her drinking alcohol??


go read and haily and judy
miley roks and all u retards are jelous coz she got famous at age 11 and let me gues ur like 590.
only kool people like miley
and rettards hate miley
so all u gay people


Most of you are too ignorant to criticize anyone else, especially someone so successful as Miley Cyrus. Maybe you are just jealous. Anyone who calls her airhead or stupid is quite an idiot, cuz this girl is smart enough to make more money in her 16 years than most people would earn in a hundred lifetimes...doesn't sound stupid to me. And for every one of you who tries to crap on her there are probably a hundred thousand faithful followers who love why don't you all just kiss my arse


Miley is such an attention getter! She needs to get over herself and stop acting like a slut!! SHE'S ONLY 16 FOR CRYIN OUT LOUD!!!


Wow you idiots need a life, its weird that people get so involved with her life. Why the hell are you judging her? You don't even know her dumbfucks. And you're right, she is only 16. So why are you concerning yourselves with what she is doing? Stalkers


Your "Article" has NO SUBSTANCE to it. Miley has not endorsed underage drinking nor has she endorsed pre-marital sex. Quite the opposite; in fact she wants to wait until marriage before having sex. As for drinking:Where have you seen Cyrus drinking Alcohol??
Newsflash to you:It is possible to party without drinking alcohol or engaging in sex.


OKay so she quoted a song lyric big woop!!! i quote song lyrics it's NOT a big deal, and clearly the writter who wrote this forgot that just because she has quoted about a party doesn't mean it involves sex, drugs and underage drinking!!! do you not know that 6 year olds can have parties too but obvs there not gunna drink s how is this ANY different? it's such a waste of your time writing about miley cyrus quoting a song lyric why don't you write about somebody else quoting lyrics? oh yeah 'cause if it's not MILEY it's clearly not worth gettin' some other celeb in s**t for!!!!!!!


Oh!!! Come on!!! These are the lyrics from a song!!!!! Leave her alone...

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