Miley Cyrus Promotes Underage Drinking, Sex

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It's been a sad month for Miley Cyrus on Twitter.

She's alerted followers to her heartbreaking love life, while also crying out for attention by fighting with ex-boyfriend Justin Gaston in the most public of forums.

So, can you blame a girl for just wanting to get crazy and party?

Yes, when that girl is 16, she's considered a role model by millions and she's quoting a song that references Jack Daniels, beer and tight jeans (that are meant to make "little boys come undone").

Indeed, in a Tweet last night, Cyrus quoted a line from the Gretchen Wilson song "I'm Here for the Party."

Latest Tweet

Doesn't Miley's life sound awesome? Don't you just wish you were her?!?

That's the basic message she's trying to get across in this latest plea for attention.

Yes, Miles, we know you're here for the party. The pity party, that typically is.


I honestly am so discrased in you Miley. I am trying to portray my anti alcohol drug message but you dirt slut keeps ruining it. GROW UP PRO.


Why do you guys hate me what did I do wrong


your ridiculous stop hating on her, you dont kno what she goes through, stoping making judgments! live your own life




miley cyrus is a whiney sixteen year old. no one cares/ oh god i'm sixteen my bf dumped me oh whyyy. you're sixteen. you don't know what love is. shut up. and you're a poor role model for girls. suck it.


Did you have nothing else to write about or something?
i mean come on so she likes the song...its not like she is out drinking and getting trashed...


miley im a huuuuuuuuge fan of u y u letttin we ppl down i mean ur gettin out of hand ur such a sweet girl dnt do anything rong dnt be spoil u cant get anyhing u want life dnt work like dat miley and ur ma favorite ........ ty 4 readin peace!


just because she quotes a song, doesn't mean that she's actually doing what the song says, i quote songs on facebook all the time, that doesn't mean that i do everything the song is talking about


Just because someone has a hard breakup doesn't mean they need to go public with it, it just means they want pity. If she, for whatever reason since her fans are children, wants people to see her as an adult then maybe she should wait until she's no longer Oh and I'm sure she'll end up being like Lindsey


shut up,Sharlene and Brat Miley.Sharlene obviously doesn't like Miley. whatever.idk Miley,so i cnt say tht i like or dislike her.&Brat Miley,you have a problem.You dont have to like her but using her name as part of your "screen name"just shows how pathetic you're being.People have their opinions and can say whatever they want,but just remember that you guys are pathetic

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