Miley Cyrus Parties in the USA, Resists Urge to Pole Dance

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Give Miley Cyrus credit.


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    I kind of agree, Miley does have young girls looking up to her... And 17 isn't exacly 'grown up', I do think she should grow up from stuff she did when she was like 13, 14, but what shes doing is just plain gross! I'm a good fan of Miley, and I'm trying my best to support her... But I STILL don't agree with what she is doing these days.


    why does everyone hate on miley? she freaking rocks love the hannah montana the movie


    Everyone should leave her alone!!!!!!!!big deal what she does,its her life!!!she can live it how she likes!!!She's 17 ,SHES A YOUNG WOMAN!!!!!ALL YOU'S GIRLS AT 17 ,WHAT WERE YOUS DOING?????
    and Billy woooohoooo ,she so lucky to have him for a father!!!
    Miley is so talented,,everyone just wants to make her look "bad"
    its all jealousy!!!!!!!1


    Well i thought that it was pretty good.
    and as for all the other stuff being said about miley.. she's like what 17? Shes growing up. They take photos of her kissing someone and think its a huge deal? like seriously big deal shes 17. People really need to leave her alone.


    Ok look, here's how it goes: Miley is a better singer than Selena, BUT Selena is a better actress... and it's just my opinion, but Selena is a whole lot prettier than Miley... i mean don't get me wrong, Miley is pretty... just not as pretty as Selena. Anyway, Miley was famous the day she was born! Since her dad is famous no doubt she was famous even if she didn't want to act or sing. I like both Miley and Selena... but Miley is getting a little too old for her age... and she really shouldn't because their are girls as young as 2 years old that love her... she needs to be a better role model... like when she was younger.


    Please give a BREAK...Miley is grown up she has the best voice and she is a good singer let her live her life and be herself may be Selena is good but Miley is the BEST...


    of course she didnt lip siync did u not hear how horrible she was n im surprised she didnt a strip dance on da pole i mean der little kids der and she was popping her ass i mean stop being a fucken hoe cuz ders little kids looking up to her n ders a sex video bout her no wonder nick dump u kno shes goin to be da next britnry spears plzz selena gomez is ALOT better dan u miley oh yea u fucken suck!!!!!!


    you suck!!!


    hi miley you rock love your songs you rock girl,from aines bf tracey\your biggest fan. ,Please Miley Email Aine, Tracey and Elizabeth back.Hi Miley I AM YOUR biggest fan EVER...

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