Miley Cyrus Obnoxiously Cleans Out Giant Closet

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The good news: Miley Cyrus did not Tweet anything obnoxious, pathetic or attention-worthy yesterday.

The bad news: She did so on YouTube instead.

Miley and BFF Mandy Jiroux spent over five minutes filming themselves cleaning out the singer's enormous closet and making inside jokes. That's it. That's the entire video.

Oblivious to the fact that her walk-in closet is larger than most people's bedrooms, Cyrus casually tosses around items of clothing that likely cost more than many people see in a week, especially in this economy.

Why must this have been videotaped and released to the public? We have no idea. We didn't even know Miley owned any clothes, considering what she typically wears these days.

Cue the "Leave Miley alone/You're just jealous!" comments in 3... 2... 1...


Shauna, sweety, incase you haven't noticed, when NORMAL teenagers 'muck around' with their friends, they don't tell the world they are 'mucking around with their friends' on a worldly popular websites. Because unlike SOME celebrities, we enjoy the privacy when having friends around. That no-one can bother you, such as parents or siblings. And incase you haven't noticed, yes I said 'we', and yes, I'm actually a NORMAL teenager!


HAHAHAHAHHAAAHAHAHAS, GREAT JOB HOLLYWOODGOSSIP. just love the part when you up with cue for the tweenies who ALWAYS defend her.


at 0.20 you see her putting her pants on in the mirror?
maybe that's something she should have edited out.
i wonder if she noticed...


you lot are sooo sad..! really get a's have something to say about everything that girl does she was goofing off with her friend having a laugh, why do you care, i think its time for you bloggers to go back to collage and get a proper degree and a decent job unlike the pathetic job you have..SHE IS A TEENAGER!


spoiled little pig/hoe. I wonder whose boyfriend she will steal next. no wonder Nick broke up with her back in 2007 & if he is smart he has done so again. & even Justin does not want her back - she can't be trusted in a relationship.

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