Miley Cyrus Obnoxiously Cleans Out Giant Closet

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The good news: Miley Cyrus did not Tweet anything obnoxious, pathetic or attention-worthy yesterday.

The bad news: She did so on YouTube instead.

Miley and BFF Mandy Jiroux spent over five minutes filming themselves cleaning out the singer's enormous closet and making inside jokes. That's it. That's the entire video.

Oblivious to the fact that her walk-in closet is larger than most people's bedrooms, Cyrus casually tosses around items of clothing that likely cost more than many people see in a week, especially in this economy.

Why must this have been videotaped and released to the public? We have no idea. We didn't even know Miley owned any clothes, considering what she typically wears these days.

Cue the "Leave Miley alone/You're just jealous!" comments in 3... 2... 1...


I think its funny ive been saing it all day today andits driving me crazy but who cares


I love Miley, she works hard for what she has and she's clearing out her closet to give unwanted clothes away to those who need them! She can spend her hard-earned cash on whatever she wants.


does anyone else think that she talks like a man?
shes such a slappa who needs to get her teeth fixed. ahaha :)
i mean, who would be jealous of a 16 year old pole dancing on tv? not me for one.


shes such a spoiled self centered bratt!! i mean she has a freakishly huge closet which means shes a spoiled rotten beverly hills princess!!


"Cue the "Leave Miley alone/You're just jealous!" comments in 3... 2... 1..."
Oh haha very funny. She's actually earned that stuff, maybe if you actually see what she does and how hard she works, for a 16 year old, she deserves everything she has-and more.


Its just a tank top :D i like this video fuck the rest of yiz :P so what if shes cleaning out her closet like why do ppl get offened cuz shes so many clothes ehhh money = clothes shes money she can spend it on whatever she wants :D


'Cue the "Leave Miley alone/You're just jealous!" comments in 3... 2... 1...' Ahahahahahahahahaha so true!! Why the hell would anyone want to watch her clean out her closet? Im doing that tomorrow, im selling tickets to be in the LIVE audience lol


Mandy, dearest, you just dont seem to get the point. she is an idol for most children and she just wants to show dm how she goes bout d days. i dont see why every1 has 2 comment on it soo wat if ur a "NORMAL" teenager, every 1 is diffrent in their own way! you must like er reali cuz 4 wa other reason wud u go on and read/watch bout er, ya fruitcake.n soz 4 d mispellin luv:)


i dont really see whats so
funny about saying
" Its like a tank top ."
I just think thats sooo
lame . -___________-
gosh , this girl really needs
to get a life .
Im sorry if i sound like a total b*tch
by seriously woman !
Have some decency that little
girls look up to you !


Oh and I almost forgot. You spelled 'College' wrong. :P

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