Miley Cyrus Obnoxiously Cleans Out Giant Closet

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The good news: Miley Cyrus did not Tweet anything obnoxious, pathetic or attention-worthy yesterday.

The bad news: She did so on YouTube instead.

Miley and BFF Mandy Jiroux spent over five minutes filming themselves cleaning out the singer's enormous closet and making inside jokes. That's it. That's the entire video.

Oblivious to the fact that her walk-in closet is larger than most people's bedrooms, Cyrus casually tosses around items of clothing that likely cost more than many people see in a week, especially in this economy.

Why must this have been videotaped and released to the public? We have no idea. We didn't even know Miley owned any clothes, considering what she typically wears these days.

Cue the "Leave Miley alone/You're just jealous!" comments in 3... 2... 1...


God just leave Miley alone. jealous jealous people grow up. she did nothing wrong in that video. and the tank top thing. i am sure it was funny to them. There best friends having clean fun. no drugs or alcohol. Just sitting around the house cleaning out the closet. witch the clothes are probably going to charity. LEAVE HER ALONE. And i am not a big fan of Miley's. I like her. I'm just 10 yrs older then her. sooo. but rock on Miley


Oh my God. Miley Cyrus seems like a nice and sweet girl. I am sure them clothes were going to charity. Witch helps people who couldn't buy new clothes for there daughters for school. And it's like a tank top. I have laughed over dumber stuff then that with my friends. We all have. I am not a huge fan of Miley. But I think she is talented. And she comes off as a pretty normal girl for her age. I just thank god. That the press and the world don't watch my every move. I would be really talked about for being stupid, rude,mean, even though I am 1# of the nicest and kindest person could every meet. but that's not worth talking. only Bad sells. so rock on Miley


She can do whatever she wants with the unseemly amount of money she earns, but I am offended that her cast-off pile contains soooo many items with the tags still attached. She wants tons of clothes but they really don't mean anything to her. This seems so obscene considering how many people in this country (and the entire worth) have so little.


to be honest I don't like miley cyrus that much. But I'm 15 and when I'm with a friend just chilling, that's basically what we do. Talk about nothing, and although I may not have a closet of that size, I still clean out my closet, like I hope most people do. She's not directly mocking anyone or anything, she has a lot of money, therefore she has a lot of clothes. What? Did you expect her to have a normal sized closet like a person who is not famous? The closet's in proportion to her status as a world famous celebrity. And the fact she is cleaning it out in the video and making inside jokes with mandy is completely irrelevent because that's how teenage girls act.


Leave Miley alone/ Your just jealous!


I think this video is funny, and I love some of her tank top, haha! It is very funny when you say 'It's like a Tank Top', y'all should try it really does work.


seriousally, just leave her alone . she has a big closet? so what. alotta people have big closets. my closets HUGE, so i guess that makes me a spoiled rotten self centered.. whatevverr. noo it doesnt. she has clothes she wants to get rid of . and she pole danced. SO WHAT, its not like she fucking stripped or anything. leave the girl alone. maybe if you haddaa life, you wouldntt be talking about hers. thanks, bye :]


YES IM TOTALLY ON YOUR SIDE HWG! She should be thankful for everything she has and seriously, just get on her jet and fling stacks of bills out.


miley u suck how on earth can u do such a bull shit, eve any1 hasn,t told u i guess i just have 2 tell u 1.....u are a disgusting human a disgrace 2 all teenagers 2.......ur nothin but a needle in the eyes d world. ............................................................................................................simply d world HATES YOU.....GIRL.


why are u guys making a big deal?? tons of people have huge closets!! why parents have a closet about that big! and me and my sister have walk-in closets! wow, sue us! she has money so she can spend it on whatever she wants. and shes probably giving the clothes to like a charity or something. idk. but its her life so back off! and im not a big miley fan. (i hate her) but this is just wrong.

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