Miley Cyrus Obnoxiously Cleans Out Giant Closet

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The good news: Miley Cyrus did not Tweet anything obnoxious, pathetic or attention-worthy yesterday.

The bad news: She did so on YouTube instead.

Miley and BFF Mandy Jiroux spent over five minutes filming themselves cleaning out the singer's enormous closet and making inside jokes. That's it. That's the entire video.

Oblivious to the fact that her walk-in closet is larger than most people's bedrooms, Cyrus casually tosses around items of clothing that likely cost more than many people see in a week, especially in this economy.

Why must this have been videotaped and released to the public? We have no idea. We didn't even know Miley owned any clothes, considering what she typically wears these days.

Cue the "Leave Miley alone/You're just jealous!" comments in 3... 2... 1...


hey people!! this website is called the hollywood GOSSIP. A ton of people make fun of it. you cant ALL stop it. but if you don't like the insult, don't READ THE BLOG. and your telling THEM not to watch the video..YOU dont read it if you dont like this kinda stuff. you know theyre gonna make fun of it so why'd you even show up in the first place if you know your gonna hate it, you flashy imbeciles?? i dont hate miley. im not a miley hater but this is pissing me off...


omg THG!!!! what did miley do to hurt you...or yr jealous of her fame? i actully find it kinda funny and they seem to hav fun. they do it at their own will why cant you guys just let them do it


if u dont like her, dont watch her


look that vid is funny you just dont get there sence or humor thats all if you dont like the vid leave it alone is one of the best "its like a tank top" classic random line. its something that ppl who dont give a toss of what others think would get unlike you plz leave the miley and mandy show alone.


In case you didn't know it, this kid gives tons of money to charity. Do you really think she is going to throw the stuff in the trash? Stunning.


At least you realize you're jealous. Maybe there is hope for you. Cross your fingers and dream big.


I'm no fan of Miley Cyrus. In fact, almost everything she does infuriates me. But I don't think it's fair to say that she's 'spoiled' because she has that many clothes. Being a child star isn't all photo-shoots and interviews, part of it is working extremely hard. So for that, I think she's well earned all those clothes. But I do hope she gives the discarded clothes to people in need..


She just threw away a perfectly good shirt that she never wore at 1.23 we all know she's rich and famous, but she doesn't need to show it on youtube....
i call this seeking for attention, even though she already has enough.
and i'm sure that she hasn't worn those clothes that she threw out
if she did it'd probably be a one time thing
such a loser


Good job Miley! Out with the old and in with the new. Help out the economy by recycling some of the money you've earned. And by the way haters, Miley actually has TWO closets! Miley Rocks!!!


Stop being so mean, it's not funny. Teenagers are insecure enough as it is, but now she has the added pressure of the entire world on her back, and having to smile for the fans all the time, even when it's rough. Some of the stuff that you say is just bullying, and she's just a 16 year old girl. Do you have any idea how gross it is to see a person, once a teenager, grow up to call themselves a serious journalist, when all they do is slam this poor girl?

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