Miley Cyrus Now Finds Robert Pattinson "So Cute"

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Forgive Miley Cyrus if her arms are tired. She's busy digging herself out of a hole.

Somewhere between collecting six Teen Choice Awards last night and prancing around on stage like a stripper, Cyrus came to her senses.

In April, the self-involved Hannah Montana star had spoken ill of Robert Pattinson. In an interview with Teen Vogue, she said:

I'm not a huge Rob Pattinson fan. Girls aren't really in love with Rob; they're in love with Edward.

Compare that to Miley's post-Teen Choice Awards Tweet:

RPatt Tweet

It took you long enough, Miley!

What do you think, ladies? Should Cyrus be forgiven? Or should the Twilight Saga crew give her a cold shoulder any time their paths cross in the future?

Tiny Skirt

Like her ultra mini-skirt, Miley Cyrus' opinion of Robert Pattinson is very short (sighted).


she shouldn't be forgiven i mean first she says she hates him then she says hes "so cute" that was one of the reasons why i hated her cuz she said she didn't like rob now that she does i still hate her cuz shes a slut


people... it's no big deal if about what miley said on the past. she just like another girls in the worlds. you must be ever though like her about some fampuse guy who people really love it but u think he's just ordinary guy. just because miley is famouse person, people take what she said as something who really big, even when she just said her mind naturally. what's the matter with u guys sorry my bad english


Ugh how could she have said that about Rob!!!! Being so judgmental when she doesn't even know the guy.


Um to those people saying "she will not be forgiven"
its not your decision.
Its roberts. And he obviously forgave her if they shared a hug.


of course i forgive u miley i 2 only luv edward and not rob maybe if i meet him in person one day i will change my mind but 4 now im not a rob fan. Btw her performance "party in the USA" ROCKED!!!!!! i loved it:) and she is NOT a slut she probably doesn't pick her outfit and her dance is from a choreographer so give her a break she is a normal teenager. LUV YA MILES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i agree with Miley i only love Edward and not Rob ...My friends and classmates too said that Edward is verry handsome...but Rob not that hot....they said he looks so hot in twilight..!!oh...why miley changed her mind....maybe thats the first time he saw edward in he looks so hot in person.....!!but i also ike rob,his personality,but not much in appearance...but i love his height9he is tall) and he is funny.....


To the person bashing the brits, I say bring on all the brits we can get here in the USA. So many gorgeous and talented guys have come out of there. Plus, they don't suck up anything here. They spend a lot of money here so it is all good.


dear derek I am British and I would like to say in the nicest possible way love, GET BENT YOU TOSSER. Don't get me wrong I love the us but don't hate cos some brit guy stole ur gf or whatever it your problem is with us brits. We're not sucking up US income twat and fyi i live in england wanker and I would love to come over there and kick your ignorant brit bashing butt u tool. on the flipside miley is not forgiven she is scum. Rob IS gorgeous and not just because he is edward.


Who the fuck does that bitch think she is?!!! I hate her!!! I agree with alll of you who think she's a a stupid slut, and a whore because she is!!!! That bitch will never ever, ever be forgiven!!!! I feel so disgusted that she even touched him, no, worse hugged him!!!!! she's just a Stupid, idiotic, assshole, bitch, whore, who sings so badly it's not even singing its just an annoying, irritating, painful, noice!!! TWILIGHT, Team Rob and Team Edward 4-Ever!!!!


JS, all the Brits sucking up U.S. income, living here just to avoid ridiculous Brit taxes and working here because apparently there's squat to do in the U.K., can all take the next boat home, and don't let the door hit you on the way out. Except for the guy who plays House. We'll keep him and thanks, but I'm pretty sure he plans on going home someday. Too bad!

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