Miley Cyrus Now Finds Robert Pattinson "So Cute"

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Forgive Miley Cyrus if her arms are tired. She's busy digging herself out of a hole.

Somewhere between collecting six Teen Choice Awards last night and prancing around on stage like a stripper, Cyrus came to her senses.

In April, the self-involved Hannah Montana star had spoken ill of Robert Pattinson. In an interview with Teen Vogue, she said:

I'm not a huge Rob Pattinson fan. Girls aren't really in love with Rob; they're in love with Edward.

Compare that to Miley's post-Teen Choice Awards Tweet:

RPatt Tweet

It took you long enough, Miley!

What do you think, ladies? Should Cyrus be forgiven? Or should the Twilight Saga crew give her a cold shoulder any time their paths cross in the future?

Tiny Skirt

Like her ultra mini-skirt, Miley Cyrus' opinion of Robert Pattinson is very short (sighted).


Miley should be forgiven!
They thought the first time no more! So what does it say!
It was her first impression ... So leave her alone! Xx ME.


I totally agree with Miley. Its tru people are in love with Edward not Robbert. A lot of people say that Edwars is hot but robert dosent look so good to some people. I think he is ok


I don't like miley cyrus she isn't a great singer,wannabe queen of pop and thinks she can get away wif everything I mean look at her she's a young person and she dresses like an adult........oh and I love rob and edward the same way he's freakin hott!!!!


yes, he's cute all right, sure took an airhead like you long enough to figure it out.


omgomgomgomomgomg wow, I hate you miley dammit, stop being a slut you whore, no one likes sluts, you might think it makes you look good but it doesn't, put some pants on or something. Tsk tsk disspointment.


no matter what...i love miley cyrus. yes..she acts mad sometimes but i think she is the best popstar by far..and i would love her even more if she would stop acting like someone she is not (but i still support you miley)


i think miley cyrus is a nice girl but recently she's been acting like a total idiot...i just hope she gets back to her senses soon enough instead of ending up like britney spears(the bitch) and...i think rob pattinson sucks!!


Alright, that is so true. But that's only because Twilight is the only thing he is in! But she shouldn't critiseze someone when at the Teen Choice Awards, she was wearing A white see through t-shirt-V-NECK with only a black bra. PLUSSSSS. the POLE DANCING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, she was so right to be saying anything about Rob. She just needs to quit singing and acting. I DO NOT SEE WHAT NICK JONAS SEES IN HER!!!


Wat a whore!!!!!!!!! 1st she didnt lyk him now she does?BITCH


people you are idiotic! because once mileyC to say about him? God no, and what! none of you here knows neither rob nor mileyC so nobody knows what they are, do you think is the mile, according to some is a bitch but he rob round masher! Stop! and in addition you what you wrote that mileyC knows to sing and her voice is just about good screech you bitch and fuck! envies the about her because you is not never met one! bitches what it does not!

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