Miley Cyrus Now Finds Robert Pattinson "So Cute"

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Forgive Miley Cyrus if her arms are tired. She's busy digging herself out of a hole.

Somewhere between collecting six Teen Choice Awards last night and prancing around on stage like a stripper, Cyrus came to her senses.

In April, the self-involved Hannah Montana star had spoken ill of Robert Pattinson. In an interview with Teen Vogue, she said:

I'm not a huge Rob Pattinson fan. Girls aren't really in love with Rob; they're in love with Edward.

Compare that to Miley's post-Teen Choice Awards Tweet:

RPatt Tweet

It took you long enough, Miley!

What do you think, ladies? Should Cyrus be forgiven? Or should the Twilight Saga crew give her a cold shoulder any time their paths cross in the future?

Tiny Skirt

Like her ultra mini-skirt, Miley Cyrus' opinion of Robert Pattinson is very short (sighted).


Thats not the real Miley Cyrus twitter page because the real Miley Cyrus deleted her twitter account a while back because she felt like she was tweeting more about her life and expecting to get privacy when she was telling us everything she was doing and where she was. so its a fake.


damn her! on april she said those terms and after selena revelation of loving the saga on june she took it back and now she says rob pattinson is "so cute"!..she's good at stealing people...really..after Demi, ROB?! SHE'S A SLUT,WHORE,BITCH! I would tell her Every god damn bad word there is in the word!


Look, to tell you the truth I HATE Miley Cyrus. And I think she is a slutty, whorish, horny little tramp. And now since she getting older she getting worse. And, secondly Robert Pattinson is not all that hot hot so I don't know what the hell all of you seeing in him and he shouldn't forgive Miley. Come on, seriously if you were a big star would you forgive her. That dam bitch need to take some steps a get back to be the nice pussy tail little girl everybody was liking on. Because if she kepp this whorish attitude up her career is going to go down the fucking drain!


i think its just cool for two of my favorite stars to be together
now i dont have to search for them in two different places


sorry miley and pattinson i think this is rediculous rob your 23 and your actually fighting .with a what 16 year old or however young miley is i mean be the bigger person and ignore her thers other girls that are insaeley in love with your sexy ass so go get them tiger. and miley no offense but shut ur skanky ass up.ur a fucking teanage drama queen.bitcccccccccccch,.


hello miley take it from a british woman robert pattinson is very hot and charming,loyal,smart,and a great sience of style my 14 year old daughter actualy met robert while in forks,washington dont take it from a hoochie to voice her opinion on robert pattinson and he loves his fans other wise he would not even take pics,sighn autographs ect.


sorry miley but im a huge fan of robert pattinson and u cant just exspect him to actually forgive u can u hi robert if your listening out there your soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot. i hope to meet you some how


miley is cute n beautiful..whatever she do i dnt cre


Who cares? It's Miley Cyrus. It's like caring what the Disney Channel thinks. Anyway, I think what she said is true for some people, just not everybody, and she should have realized that regardless of the truth/falsity of the statement, she was going to get an overwhelmingly negative response. Such is Hollywood.


Hi i am a big off miley cyrus i living in norway can you come to norway and have a concert? please:):):)

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