Miley Cyrus Lashes Out Against Non-Existent Rumors

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It's not enough that Miley Cyrus danced like a stripper at this week's Teen Choice Awards.

Nor does the fact that she bought a new pair of glasses (always a monumental event) and bragged about them via Twitter suffice.

Indeed, Cyrus still craves more attention. She can never be anywhere but at the center of the universe of her fans, who are actually starting to dwindle by the day as they realize just how self-absorbed Miley can be.

The latest example? Cyrus has created a rumor, rebuffed it and then acted as though the entire world is talking about.

She posted the following message on her Twitter account yesterday:

Miley Twitter

There's just one problem with this plea: no one has accused Miley of having a boyfriend. No one. Not a single celebrity gossip site. No supermarket tabloids. Trust us, we know. We check them all everyday.

And, gee, if people are talking about Miley's new man, perhaps it's because she's drawing attention to it herself by mysteriously posting flirtatious Tweets left and right. Has she ever heard of email?!? Why would she even want the world to see such personal messages? Wait. We already know the answer to that.

This is actually the second time Cyrus has taken to Twitter to rebuke an accusation she made up in her head.

In May, she lashed out at critics of her body, despite the fact that none existed. Can Miley really not take a single day off from trying to create her own buzz and garner her own sympathy?

It's pathetic. Just sing, act and let your fans make up their own mind about you, Miles.

Miley Cyrus also posted this photo of herself on Twitter. She wants everyone to tell her how adorable she looks.


omg who cares why does everyone hate miley so much leave her alone!!! whatever she does it has NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYONE ELSE!! and for those who hate miley, and read this you are pathetic because if u really hated her u wouldnt of come on this. You probably wantd to tell everyone what you thought of her your just gaining attention to yourself get a life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love miley yeah she shouldnt of did them weird pics but still everybody makes mistakes!! Nobodys perfect!


wat evs ppl hoo cares if she does or doesnt!
if she wants to b a slut thts up to her
but does she and she says she doesnt?
:D lol xxx


miley is always dragging attention to heerself thats how she is cuz she sluty bitch! i dont know how there r girls who like her shes always talking bout herself and how the "universe " relvoves around her ..I HATE U BITCH!


I totally think the hollywood gossip is right if they keep talking about miley like this I am so becoming their #1 fan hahaha um...I think the hollywood gossip has all their facts correct so there all of ya!!!!!!!!


Miley get alife. u are not Hannah Montana. I guess playing two people it kinda gets confusing. come to reality Miley. why were u kissing a girl? maybe thats why u are throwing people the other way by saying u got a man when its probably a GIRL. just a suggestion.


i dont rember miley pole dancin from wot i seen she was standin on an ice cream cart wile holding onto a POLE FOR SUPPORT! my days use are so dramatic..


she is a wonderful talanted 16 year old teen and all u jearks need 2 leave her the freak alone we love her and we r HUGE fans and she is better than any of you no talented people so SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow! That escalated fast! I guess it started sort of snotty, didn't it. I can't think of any reason for a writer of any sort of integrity to lash out at a teenage girl for doing exactly what teens do ... only to get more hits on their website/blog. Perhaps a less biased approach would make the writer a appear slightly more credible. At this point... it's a hater blog so why would I read or trust anything stated here? What is the deal here!


oh i am your biggest fan! is it true your dating till?


real or not this rumor is, she is totally pathetic. she doesn't need more attention at all, she practically already rules the world, if you ask me, she's got a little too much time on her hands.

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