Miley Cyrus Cries Herself a River Via Twitter

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We get it: Miley Cyrus is a 16-year old girl, confused about love and often weary about the way boys treat her.

That's perfectly normal and understandable.

But this is not: why does Cyrus continue to post Twitter messages about her supposedly sorry state of affairs? We'd love to leave her alone and ler Miley focus on these important issues... but she keeps throwing them in our face!

The latest example of the singer's need to draw attention to herself took place yesterday afternoon, when she Tweeted the message below, followed by the photo below:

Another Tweet

Poor Miley. It must really be tough to fight off the advances of cute boys such as Nick Jonas and Justin Gaston.

But that isn't even the point. If Cyrus feels like the "story of her life" is one of heartbreak, so be it. We've all been there. We can sympathize with her pain.

We just can't understand why she chooses to make it so public. Doesn't she have a group of friends she can talk to? Is she really so lonely and/or desperate for attention that she must share every iota of her life with everyone else?

We're actually asking these questions. Leave a comment and give us an answer.

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I am on neither side but this post is kinda sad.... I even post my feelings!!! Doesn't anyone else do that?!?!?!?!?!?! And if no one else does then miley and I would be good friends because I totally understand her... She has her whole life magnified! Every magazine, tv show, and internet site has bagged on her!!!! Maybe not all but its sad that a girl her age has to watch everything she does!!! A little while ago I decided that I didnt like her but now I realize.... Every person has their flaws, and everyone deserves a second chance.... And just because she has made mistakes doesnt mean we cant forgive her..... People give you second chances right?? So why dont we forgive and forget..... Give her a chance and do us all a favor... Try to understand where she stands.


Miley isn't exempt from teen angst. I bet tons of girls her age are tweeting the same kind of stuff - it's just her tweet audience is bigger. Let her grow up and out of this phase in her own time. Remember when everything was the end of the world as you knew it?


Hey 12:33 PM comment you forgot the word BITCH for Miley!! GREAT comment!!


Hey 12:33 PM comment you forgot the word BITCH for Miley!! GREAT comment!!




It sells her product and makes her more money. How many celebs get publicity for acting normally? None. But be slutty, weird or pathetic and your ratings shoot way up. Miley yapping on Twitter = $$$ in the bank


Judging from the article, she MUST be lonely that she has to make it public.


she is just a teen like the rest of the world.
give her a break!
twitter is a place to say wat your do & feel.
get over it if your annoyed.
im sure you do or did the same thing as a teen!
i know i do.
your my idol Miley!!!


To Derek, LOL at your comment that you find it refreshing to finally find a site that doesn't pander to Miley, and tells things as they are! There are plenty of sites that dump on Miley. You are either ignorant of them or just too lazy to check them out but, trust me, that exist. In general I have no problem with Miley tweeting about her life to the public, though I do find it amazing that she continues to publicly beg Justin to take her back. That sort of thing shouldn't be done publicly and should be beneath her dignity. Plus, she shouldnt beg for anyone to take her back. I honestly think she is just confused - though I am absolutely certain she doesn't think so - and might end up not really wanting what she is begging for right now. Just best to let all that go and just find herself a NEW guy, or girl - or whatever floats her boat.


Shes so retarded!
I hate Miley cyrus and always have and now her need for attention is really starting to annoy me.
She looks like the type of person whod be really conceited.

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