Miley Cyrus Cries Herself a River Via Twitter

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We get it: Miley Cyrus is a 16-year old girl, confused about love and often weary about the way boys treat her.

That's perfectly normal and understandable.

But this is not: why does Cyrus continue to post Twitter messages about her supposedly sorry state of affairs? We'd love to leave her alone and ler Miley focus on these important issues... but she keeps throwing them in our face!

The latest example of the singer's need to draw attention to herself took place yesterday afternoon, when she Tweeted the message below, followed by the photo below:

Another Tweet

Poor Miley. It must really be tough to fight off the advances of cute boys such as Nick Jonas and Justin Gaston.

But that isn't even the point. If Cyrus feels like the "story of her life" is one of heartbreak, so be it. We've all been there. We can sympathize with her pain.

We just can't understand why she chooses to make it so public. Doesn't she have a group of friends she can talk to? Is she really so lonely and/or desperate for attention that she must share every iota of her life with everyone else?

We're actually asking these questions. Leave a comment and give us an answer.


Way too full of herself. Total exhibitionist. Oh so boring. I cannot believe her parents allow her to sit around being useless, making a spectacle of herself and practicing being an attention w***.
I feel kinda sorry for anyone who does not have parents to give them guidancee and help them be all they can be and see how great life can be. They should hang their heads in shame.


Its Twitter like if Yous dont like it why are yas always stalking her on it simple as


will use leave her alone,use are always giving out about celebs keeping there life so private and then when one of them is actually sharing with her fans use us dog her..come on people,get a life.miley is just being a normal teenager


i dont get wuts so bad about tht?? y does everywon keep picking on miley cyruS?? I MEAN SHES A TEENAGER!! sure shes made some mistakes but we all do! its part of being a teen. and f she wants to tweet about it then who cares!!? its not a bbig deal. and if she wants to tell everywon everything then thts her problem.


Um, every teen posts everything about their life. You guys just obsess over hers. It's not her fault you read her tweets.


i hate miley cyrus she needs to get over herself and come down to earth now that shes starting to show her true colors we can all choose for ourselves if we like her...still!No one cares miley, just shut up and go away!


Seriously who cares? I mean we rather have her letting it all out then keep it. I mean havn't you guys seen what happens to people who keep in their pain? We all do these stuff. Idk just let it go. She's just another teenager, who has problems. W/E bout her man.


ok, so i'm not the biggest fan of Miley (nothing against her, just not into her style), but i think she's just trying to let the fans see that she's not perfect and see more into the "private life of Miley" and feel closer to her. now if it were me, i'd keep things like that to myself and enjoy what privacy i could, but some people just crave the spotlight, and are most comfortable when it's on them. so that's how she wanted to vent this stuff, was in a comfortable way. I don't like her that much, and she could be a little less open, but give the girl a break.


i am jamaican like your style but u need some real ja fuck.


shes only a teenager. give her a fucking break. why dont you(the owners of this site) get a freaking life and leave her the fuck alone. i love miley and guess what? so do alot of people. so why dont you take your sorry ass to miley and apologize for talking shit about the girl.

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