Miley Cyrus Cries Herself a River Via Twitter

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We get it: Miley Cyrus is a 16-year old girl, confused about love and often weary about the way boys treat her.

That's perfectly normal and understandable.

But this is not: why does Cyrus continue to post Twitter messages about her supposedly sorry state of affairs? We'd love to leave her alone and ler Miley focus on these important issues... but she keeps throwing them in our face!

The latest example of the singer's need to draw attention to herself took place yesterday afternoon, when she Tweeted the message below, followed by the photo below:

Another Tweet

Poor Miley. It must really be tough to fight off the advances of cute boys such as Nick Jonas and Justin Gaston.

But that isn't even the point. If Cyrus feels like the "story of her life" is one of heartbreak, so be it. We've all been there. We can sympathize with her pain.

We just can't understand why she chooses to make it so public. Doesn't she have a group of friends she can talk to? Is she really so lonely and/or desperate for attention that she must share every iota of her life with everyone else?

We're actually asking these questions. Leave a comment and give us an answer.

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i dont love miley, but i dont hate her either. i dont understand why people make such a big deal over her. she really is a normal teen that was forced to grow up too fast. And honestly if you would walk into a high school nowadays. you would see 14 year olds practically having sex in the hallways wearing next to nothing. she is confident with her body and life and i think she is great for that. so i applaud miley for being herself. good for you miley. and if people werent such prudes, they would see that this is how the world is now. famous or not.


She is acting like this cuz i think wat she has done. Her friends probly think she is wierd cuz she took those photos of her self. That is why she has no one to talk to.




Why do you feel the need to blab about her?
Doesnt that make you guys the one starving for attention? Plus, shes sixteen.. and complaining about boys. Surprise! Story of every sixteen year old girls life. Also, the friend thing. Im sure she has friends, but every teenager in america basically leaves their life story on facebook, twitter, myspace, etc. Whats the big flippin deal?


she needs get an attitude ajustment
shes not the center of attention like
come on ppl y do u still care?


why do miley like that ugly boy nike jonas im a fan of miley and just joe but what got in to kevin jonas !!!!!!! im just a kid he is so darn darn darn darn darn darn !!!!!!!!!! mean !!!!!


don't know why she even bothers twittering this. hope she knows most of us don't give a fuck 'bout her "love" life.


Wait a minute... Aren't Twitter and other forums designed for the sole purpose of communicating? To share whatever is on a person's mind (within reason?) Lay off - she's a teenager, and this case, happens to be acting like one.


Miley is still a child. Her life is totally different than a average 15 or 16 year old girl. People are giving her too much credit. Shes immature because shes still a child. Miley and the media portrays her to be older than she is which changes peoples expectations. Live your own life! Why do you care what shes talking about or doing anyway.


What a dumbass. It's not a buzz saw...just a regular one. She needs to just disappear. If she's SOO miserable, I'm sure SOMEONE out there would LOVE to put her out of it. Myself included.