Miley Cyrus Brags About New Pair of Glasses

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OMG, folks, Miley Cyrus has a new pair of glasses!

In light of such a monumental event, the self-absorbed singer just had to Tweet about her latest purchase. She posted the image below on her Twitter account and attached the following message to it:

Mugler Shot

My new glasses :) yayy! Makes me look smart and stylish!

That's true. Especially compared to the stripper outfit she wore during the Teen Choice Awards. That made her look skanky and promiscuous.

Do you like Miley's new glasses?


Im sorry but why is this website even doing a pole on this her glasses are lovly she looks smart why would yous even bring negitivity into something so innocent if Yous dont like what she writes on her twitter why are ya fuckin lookin at it dopes..


She looks sweet in the glasses. I wish she would stop degrading herself though. that performance & her clothes (including her bra showing) on the teen choice awards was so degrading. What a shame - she is so pretty & so talented I don't know why she needs to dress and act so s---ty. With her talent & looks she does not need to resort to being half naked in order to make it in show business.


Thats pretty harmless but she just annoyes me in general.


She is cute and it does make her look smart and stylish.I like this Miley and those who sad that she sucks are nothing better.Shes so so so cute.

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