Michael Vick Makes No Excuses on 60 Minutes

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Disgraced NFL star Michael Vick spoke to 60 Minutes last night in his first interview since he admitted to participating in and bankrolling an illegal dogfighting ring, resulting in a just-completed prison term and a suspension from pro football.

Vick, who was recently reinstated by the NFL and signed a two-year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles, said his piece under tough questioning on 60 Minutes.

While some of his answers definitely sounded rehearsed, and his level of sincerity can never be fully known, the football star seemed at least semi-honest.

Few animal lovers are likely to suddenly forgive Michael Vick based solely on this interview, but at the very least, the athlete was never in explanation mode.

He claimed responsibility, proclaimed his "disgust" and never tried to distance himself from the violence and cruelty by claiming he was just the financier. “I could have put a stop to it,” he said. “I could have shut the whole operation down.”

Are you sold? Check out Vick's 60 Minutes interview below and see ...


He had hurt and guilt and cried???? If thats true why so many smiles and half laughs while talking about that? In 6 years of running these so called kennels he felt he couldnt stop it all? A man who TRULY feels disgust does not laugh or smile about what he did. 15 people trying to resesitate(sp?) is not going to help him enough. Well a lot of people may forgive and forget but I will not!!!! Those dead and tortured dogs did not have a voice but I do so Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles can bite me! And thats the nicest way I could have said that


Guess we all do crazy things we later regret, and I am willing to forgive him. But the thought of him allowing or participating in the torture and murder of those dogs still lingers painfully in my brain. The court sentence should not have been "jail time" He should have done community service at a homeless dog shelter to care for similar abused dogs, for at least six months. Then and only then could I have found some "heart" to forgive him.


I have to say this -- no matter what you think of Michael Vick, you have to admit he's not backing away from taking responsibility. Not many of his peers are doing that. There's no doubt he's totally responsible for the crime and cruelty - "just a financier" is a fancy way of saying "I tried to keep my hands clean but still get stinking rich off the dirty deeds". I think all dogfighters are scum but at least Vick knows and admits he's scum.


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