Michael Vick Makes No Excuses on 60 Minutes

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Disgraced NFL star Michael Vick spoke to 60 Minutes last night in his first interview since he admitted to participating in and bankrolling an illegal dogfighting ring, resulting in a just-completed prison term and a suspension from pro football.

Vick, who was recently reinstated by the NFL and signed a two-year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles, said his piece under tough questioning on 60 Minutes.

While some of his answers definitely sounded rehearsed, and his level of sincerity can never be fully known, the football star seemed at least semi-honest.

Few animal lovers are likely to suddenly forgive Michael Vick based solely on this interview, but at the very least, the athlete was never in explanation mode.

He claimed responsibility, proclaimed his "disgust" and never tried to distance himself from the violence and cruelty by claiming he was just the financier. “I could have put a stop to it,” he said. “I could have shut the whole operation down.”

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thanks for that memorable and insightful post there ..i'm doing some research too to further study this thing...you're genius bro


Michael Vick is not sorry, he's ACTING and all he's worried about is losing money! He worships money you see. He is playing the race card too, how shameful of him and typical of the dirty cowardly dog-fighting scum-sucking bitch! I am praying for a FOOTBALL ACCIDENT - a nice broken back would just about do it for me! Karma!!!


Michael Vick is ACTING! He is terrified of losing MONEY!!! (MAMMON to low-life trash like him!) 2 years is not punishment enough for the barbarity of his crime and to add insult to injury, the Philly Eagles have signed him up! Vick should also take his race card and stick it up his arse! Not all black men are savages like Vick! Stop making excuses you low-life scum-sucking pig!!!! I am now praying for a FOOTBALL ACCIDENT - a nice broken back will suit me fine! DAMN YOU VICK!!!!


Oh please this was a PR stunt. Brown lobbed softballs at Vick. I, for one, never heard Vick take responsibility for his actions against dogs. He said "he made a mistake". A mistake is not putting a stamp on a letter. A mistake is not (for six years that we know of) buying land with the intent to stage dogfighting, torturing and killing dogs for six years!!! This included throwing family pets into the rings with his trained killers, removing all the teeth out of a dog so that it could be forced to mate and hanging, drowning and electrocuting dogs - which Michael Vicks is guilty of doing! He lied to his coach, the NFL and the FBI when he said he didn't take part in any of this and just funded it. Hell at one point he blamed it on his family. Nice guy. He isn't a man he is a sociopath.


Vick interview provokes howls of protest. See: http://notionscapital.wordpres...


James Brown was so professional and extremely impressive in the interview with Michael Vick last night on 60 minutes. He asked tough questions. He pressed on to bring out the truth, not hide the truth. It was the polar opposite of the interview with Soladad O'Brien and Harvard Professor Gates. "Moment of Truth" CNN, where she knowingly allowed him to cover up the truth. It's happened many times before with her, it matters if you're black or white.
I've got to give Michael Vick credit for answering his tough (even embarrassing for him) questions with the sincerity that he did. I think Michael Vick did his time and deserves a second chance in life.


Is this english or American site?


He is still a piece of crap. Of course he will seem sincere. He has to make money and football is what he knows. A person will do an say anyhing to get what they want.




NOT an EAGLES fan now-with that DISGRACED MURDERER playing on that team!! What are you thinking Eagles? STUPID Eagles!

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