Michael Vick Apology: "What I Did Was Horrendous"

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Michael Vick wants you to feel sorry. Not for him. For the dogs.


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    By being sincerely apologetic and working with the Humane Society, Michael Vick has lifted himself far above all of you who hate him.

    You are still full of hatred (and always will be) while he is doing what he can to better himself and move on.

    In other words, those of you who are still full of hatred for Michael Vick (which is worse than animal cruelty BTW) he is so far above you that will never catch up. It is people who can see their problems and change that succeed in life. Perhaps, that is why he is earning millions instead of wasting his time and energy hating people he doesn't even know.


    If football and sports gears brands, support and forgive a person like that after what he did, too bad that all fans do not think like me, because all these people deserve to go and work for subway for few dollars a day and not be a well paid national sport hero. That previledge should go with good morals standards as example to the yougests and society.
    this guy should be not even get closed to a stadium


    Absolutely sick and disgraceful what this man did. Wasn't done on the spur of the moment either, it was over a prolonged period of time.

    He is a national disgrace.


    Lol all the people saying 2 years isn't enough and think Vick should have his back broken and should be hanged, shocked, drowned, and chewed. What do you know of humanity? The man writes a seemingly truthful blog and you guys attack him with threats and judgement. What makes any of you think you have the right to say these things? This is not a eye for an eye country. Yes he was wrong, he admitted his crime, did the maximum sentence given, and has been given a second chance to do good with his life. His popularity actually might be beneficial to the awareness of animal abuse over the normal scumbag that gets caught of of these terrible crimes and walks right back to a dogfight after jail (Which would probably be half the time that Mike Vick served). You all preach humanity with violence when none of you know anything of forgiveness.


    if he was legitametly sorry and actually felt the impact of his actions he would have killed himself. I know i would have.


    Oh Poor Vick the dick, numb ? Thats terrible.
    I think I may be able to help you overcome that numbness.
    Remember when you took the loosing dogs to the pool in your yard? You would clamp live battery cables to their ears? Then throw them in the pool? Remember the bits of flesh they left while clawing the sides of the pool ? The teeth marks they left on the lip trying to get out while paralized muscles from the shock of the battery would not let them move much?

    Well lets do that with you. I am willing to bet all that terrible numbness will leave you right away.

    I got the cable, batterys and pool so just bring yourself. You evil prick.


    there's not enough space!!!!!!!!!!WON'T BE WATCHING THOSE GAMES!!!!!!




    The ONLY thing this slime ball is sorry for is getting caught. It's too bad he was allowed back into football...they should have kept his ass in jail for a l-o-n-g time.


    Everyone is human an we all obviously made a mistake. When someone appologize for there action makes me wonder is there trust there, now not as an individual but before god and the people it hurt.

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